Thursday, August 30, 2012

Computer repairs

It is bound to happen..
even though I'm pretty careful..
sometimes you have an 'oops' moment.

A few months ago, I had
my laptop on the kitchen table,
where it sits when I eat
breakfast in the morning 
before work.

I spilled not even a tablespoon
of orange juice onto
one corner of my keyboard.
I immediately dried it off,
sprayed some canned air into it..
and it seemed ok.

After a few months I noticed that
my touchpad wasn't working quite right,
and sometimes my cursor would 
jump while I was typing..
making me very frustrated.

In comes my personal computer guy..
told me to order a new keyboard & touchpad..
and he installed it for me tonight!

Thanks, Josh..will you come with us?!

Some more news..
I've made a deal with the
once I leave,
I will be available via phone
and computer login,
to help with any transition.
I will get an hourly rate equal
to my current salary,
and our health insurance
covered for up to one year.

That will certainly help us out!!

We still haven't been quite 
confirmed on our work camping gig yet..
the wheels are moving slowly :-p

4 weeks from Monday..
the wheels will be moving!


  1. So you got the confirmation on the deal with the company? Great!

  2. Sounds like a great deal on the wages and the health insurance. It's obvious that they think a lot of you and hate to see you leaving. Maybe you should try for two years of health insurance!!! :)

  3. Super news on that ins. We just got Wendys and was happy at preferred rate for good health. Air up the tires-lets go!

  4. sounds like a good deal to me :) woohooo 4 more short weeks...

  5. Sweet deal, that will make your transition to fulltiming even nicer. Things do fall in to place. :c)

  6. Hope you don't have to work too much for that insurance but it will be very nice to have. You really are almost on your way. Great suspense on the work camping job. Although with your continued "employment" you could skip it for at least your first year and just go everywhere and anywhere you want.

  7. Wonderful deal you worked out with the company! That insurance alone is worth a lot.

  8. So - where you headed first? Or did I just forget. Remember, we will be in your area (up in Tioga County) in early October.