Saturday, August 25, 2012


5 weeks!

Getting lots of things out of the way..

- sold the Pee Wee Herman bike
cleaned out the rest of the 'stuff'
out of the house
- ordered a back up camera

It's a Voyager Digital Wireless
that we ordered off of
RV Parts Nation..
sort of an early anniversary present :-)

The FEMA buyout is rolling right along.
Word is that we'll get our offer
sometime next month,
and closing could be as
early as October sometime.

We started looking for a
work camping job too.
Since we plan on being in
California for Christmas,
we figured that would be
a good place to start.
There a few details to
work out, but it looks
like we are a shoe-in.
I'll post the details after
we get the 'official' offer!

So on to the butterflies..

George and I needed a 'fun' day..
so today we headed up to Tunkhannock.
There is a nursery (plants, not kids!)
called Creekside Gardens
where they have a butterfly house.
They are trying to help the
Monarch population along a bit
as they are becoming endangered.
They are lovely..

Then we headed over to
Twigs Cafe
for some lunch.

I had a nice special..
carmelized onions with steak,
and homemade kettle chips..

..hey, not healthy, but once in awhile
ya just gotta..

George had an Italian sandwich..

Then we did a little wine tasting
at a local winery,

and topped the day off
with a bit of ice cream..

I think we'd better hop on the bikes tomorrow!


  1. What a fun day! Tomorrow should also be fun...on your bikes.

  2. Love the butterflies and the nursery trying to help them. Nice teaser about the work camping job in California! :-)

  3. Fingers crossed for your job in California! Things sure are progressing quickly :)

  4. Hope you can take a nice leisurely trip to California, hate to see you traveling like us...

  5. One thing we can all agree on - isn't Ice Cream just the very most delightful invention EVER!

  6. WOW...things are really moving along!! What a great way to spend the day:o))

  7. Nice to hear your buyout is progressing along well. Would love to visit the butterfly house.

  8. We went to the Sertoma Butterfly House in Sioux Falls.It's not far from Altenative Resources. There were so many different ones flying around.
    Counting the days down with you.(Ray has 21 more work days)

  9. Can't wait to hear about your work camping job. We will be at a park near Napa so looking forward to where yours is at.

  10. That all sounds so awesome!! Can't wait to hear all the details about the workamping job!! :)

  11. It appears that you have all of your "ducks in a row". Just wait for that countdown clock to work its magic.

  12. Wonderful post! Can't wait till we see you at the RV Show!

  13. Time is going fast. Only five more weeks. I can't wait to start this journey with you via your blog. Good luck with the work camp job.

  14. Butterflies at a habitat and butterflies in your stomach. It won't be long now!!!