Sunday, August 12, 2012


This week went by so fast!
Monday my superior
came to the office
to talk to my staff and me
about my impending departure.
It's going to be two months (less!) 
before I say my goodbyes.
Can't go into too many
details in public, 
but we're working out  a
deal which could be
mutually beneficial
to the company and us. :-)

We ordered a few more things
that we'll need..
a 12.5 foot extension ladder
that collapses down to this:

We went ahead and renewed our
Passport America membership,
choosing the lifetime option.
It'll pay for itself in a year or so.
Trying to decide if we'll do 
the same for Good Sam.

George and I have made
lists of things that need to
get done in the next few weeks.
Changing addresses,
closing bank accounts,
and the like.

7 weeks from Monday we
take off!!

Last night we were invited over
to one of my employee's house
for a backyard BBQ.

He's a delightful gentleman
from Vietnam.

His wife does my pedicures ;-)

He barbecued ribs, chicken,
corn, huge shrimp (they looked
like lobsters!), and made rice
with sausage.

He's very proud of his garden:

I've never seen squash grown
on a trellis before!
The one on the left he'll use for
seed for next year's crop.

It was very nice to get 
together with everyone..

This afternoon my son, Austin
is flying into Philadelphia
to meet up with some friends
for the week.
I get to see him for a day ;-)

More about that later..!


  1. That bbq sounds yummy! Hope everything works out great in the "negotiations" :)

    When everyone said that the last year would go by extremely quickly, they weren't kidding!! I don't even have to wish that the weeks would go by faster, because I can barely keep up with it as it is!!

  2. I like the ladder - do you have a link or can you let me know the company?

  3. Both the campgrounds we stopped at on our trip have taken Good Sams. I don't know if we'll get that one. We had it once and they keep sending all kinds of mailings for other things.
    Time is going fast.

  4. Seeing the squash grown on a trellis reminds me of my sister :) She grows squash and cucumbers that way and it works like a charm, takes up much less ground and easier to pick too.

  5. We have that ladder and John loves it. Be careful when collapsing it, make sure your fingers are out of the way. John can tell you how much it hurts if you don't. Now he's an expert at it. Won't be long now!

  6. I'm sure your employees are both sad and happy for you about your upcoming new life. It was really sweet of your friend to put on such a great BBQ for you and George.

  7. I would've liked to have been invited to that BBQ. Sounds yummy!!