Thursday, August 30, 2012

Computer repairs

It is bound to happen..
even though I'm pretty careful..
sometimes you have an 'oops' moment.

A few months ago, I had
my laptop on the kitchen table,
where it sits when I eat
breakfast in the morning 
before work.

I spilled not even a tablespoon
of orange juice onto
one corner of my keyboard.
I immediately dried it off,
sprayed some canned air into it..
and it seemed ok.

After a few months I noticed that
my touchpad wasn't working quite right,
and sometimes my cursor would 
jump while I was typing..
making me very frustrated.

In comes my personal computer guy..
told me to order a new keyboard & touchpad..
and he installed it for me tonight!

Thanks, Josh..will you come with us?!

Some more news..
I've made a deal with the
once I leave,
I will be available via phone
and computer login,
to help with any transition.
I will get an hourly rate equal
to my current salary,
and our health insurance
covered for up to one year.

That will certainly help us out!!

We still haven't been quite 
confirmed on our work camping gig yet..
the wheels are moving slowly :-p

4 weeks from Monday..
the wheels will be moving!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


5 weeks!

Getting lots of things out of the way..

- sold the Pee Wee Herman bike
cleaned out the rest of the 'stuff'
out of the house
- ordered a back up camera

It's a Voyager Digital Wireless
that we ordered off of
RV Parts Nation..
sort of an early anniversary present :-)

The FEMA buyout is rolling right along.
Word is that we'll get our offer
sometime next month,
and closing could be as
early as October sometime.

We started looking for a
work camping job too.
Since we plan on being in
California for Christmas,
we figured that would be
a good place to start.
There a few details to
work out, but it looks
like we are a shoe-in.
I'll post the details after
we get the 'official' offer!

So on to the butterflies..

George and I needed a 'fun' day..
so today we headed up to Tunkhannock.
There is a nursery (plants, not kids!)
called Creekside Gardens
where they have a butterfly house.
They are trying to help the
Monarch population along a bit
as they are becoming endangered.
They are lovely..

Then we headed over to
Twigs Cafe
for some lunch.

I had a nice special..
carmelized onions with steak,
and homemade kettle chips..

..hey, not healthy, but once in awhile
ya just gotta..

George had an Italian sandwich..

Then we did a little wine tasting
at a local winery,

and topped the day off
with a bit of ice cream..

I think we'd better hop on the bikes tomorrow!

Monday, August 20, 2012

New bike!

Yesterday started off at our church,
then grocery shopping,
and picking up a few odds & ends.

I have been trying to decide if  I 
wanted to get a different bike
from my 'Pee-Wee Herman'
style cruiser.

When George and I went to 
Wal-Mart yesterday, 
they had a perfect bike
for me..

Can't beat the $88 price!
I even got a new seat with
memory foam padding ;-)

It has 18 speeds,
which will be nice when
we are on those gravel-topped
rails to trails spots.

Can't wait to try it out!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Are we from South Dakota?

According to our license plates we are!

and according to our new 
bank account :-)

It's really starting to feel real now..

It's been a great week.

Heather came over last night,
and I helped her with her new laptop.

She wanted to get one so that
she could 'Skype' with us
when we are on the road.

Today after my pedicure..
I came home and helped 
George spruce up Harvey a bit.

He cleaned the outside windows,
and I did the inside.

It was a beautiful late summer day.

We can't believe how fast time is going.

6 weeks from Monday!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

What a mother won't do :-)

My youngest son, Austin,
who is now 23, 
lives in Greeley, CO.

He flew out to spend a week
in Philadelphia with
some of his friends from the city.

He put aside a day to spend
with me :-)

He did take the SEPTA train
from center-city Philly 
to Lansdale to save me 
the trip into the city.
It's 90 miles one way
from our place to Lansdale.

So...this morning, 
I took off toward
Lansdale, met him at noon,
then headed back home so 
he could see Harvey.

180 miles.

He was properly introduced to
Harvey, said hi to George,
posed for a picture..

Then I took him to lunch to
George and my favorite place,
George stayed home to give
us some 'mom and son' time.

We had a nice lunch, and long talk.
He's such a good son :-)

So then..
it was time to head back
to Lansdale.
We got back in the car,
he took a nap,
and I drove back.
We pulled into the station,
and I slipped him some
money so he could have 
some fun on his vacation,
gave him a hug, and drove
back to Plains.

360 miles.

I wouldn't drive that far
in one day for just anybody!

That's what Moms do!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


This week went by so fast!
Monday my superior
came to the office
to talk to my staff and me
about my impending departure.
It's going to be two months (less!) 
before I say my goodbyes.
Can't go into too many
details in public, 
but we're working out  a
deal which could be
mutually beneficial
to the company and us. :-)

We ordered a few more things
that we'll need..
a 12.5 foot extension ladder
that collapses down to this:

We went ahead and renewed our
Passport America membership,
choosing the lifetime option.
It'll pay for itself in a year or so.
Trying to decide if we'll do 
the same for Good Sam.

George and I have made
lists of things that need to
get done in the next few weeks.
Changing addresses,
closing bank accounts,
and the like.

7 weeks from Monday we
take off!!

Last night we were invited over
to one of my employee's house
for a backyard BBQ.

He's a delightful gentleman
from Vietnam.

His wife does my pedicures ;-)

He barbecued ribs, chicken,
corn, huge shrimp (they looked
like lobsters!), and made rice
with sausage.

He's very proud of his garden:

I've never seen squash grown
on a trellis before!
The one on the left he'll use for
seed for next year's crop.

It was very nice to get 
together with everyone..

This afternoon my son, Austin
is flying into Philadelphia
to meet up with some friends
for the week.
I get to see him for a day ;-)

More about that later..!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

New address means

I've moved around a lot
in my 55 years.
Lots of address changes.

We have our new address
courtesy of Alternative Resources.
I took the time this week
to go online and change 
our address on a few things.
That is a much easier task
to complete online!

Another task I had to do
was to get a new passport.
My name changed in October
and so that is all done as well.
Took no time at all to get
a new one in the mail.

Today was blistering HOT..
92 degrees!
We did a few things outside anyway..

George started cleaning out
the basement..

He trimmed the one bush left..

..and cleaned off the swing, 
which we sold to one of
my employees..

 I went for a pedicure..
and Friday night got my haircut..

I only have one more haircut
scheduled until we'll be 
taking off!

Work is going pretty good.
The upper echelon is coming
in from Ohio on Monday
to strategize my departure.

8 more weeks!!