Thursday, July 19, 2012

Updates to the road ahead..

That number on the right
is getting smaller & smaller!

Most of you who read
this blog know that
in the fall of 2011,
George's house & property
were flooded by Tropical Storm Lee.
We had intended on putting 
the house on the market
and when it sold,
buy our RV, pack
everything up,
and hit the road!
Lee took all that decision
away from us.

Fast forward to the present..
FEMA through the
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
has agreed to purchase
properties that were substantially
destroyed by the flood.

That would be us :-)

The appraisal was done
last Wednesday,
and we are now
awaiting our offer..
which is supposed to be
pre-flood value.

Our dream is starting 
to become reality.

We spent some time 
over in the house tonight.
There's a few things we
have stored over there for now..
our bikes, the satellite dish 
that is not installed yet,
the compressor, etc.

We also have a few more
yard sale items,
and as luck would have it
one of our friends
is having a yard sale,
and is letting us put the 
final pile of our 'stuff'
in it.

We are waiting for our 'offer'
before I turn in my resignation
at work.
We both said it doesn't matter
whether the 'offer' is
good or bad..
we're still going.
For me it's just extra
security to have it in hand
before we make that final step.

So for now,
we sit and wait.
We are starting to make
preliminary plans
about where we will go first.

South Dakota to set up our residency..
Swing south to see my son Austin in CO
Make our way back to South Carolina 
for the 'Carolina Clan' reunion.

From there, who knows!


  1. I'll bet these next 6 weeks are going to fly by and you'll be living your dream. Hope FEMA gets the numbers right!!

  2. Nice to see you making plans!! It will be here before you know it. But be sure and come to South Carolina for the Carolina Clan gathering;o))) Can't wait to see you both!!!

  3. Hope you hear from FEMA soon. We know what it's like to wait. Keep making those plans.

  4. We're keeping our fingers crossed that FEMA comes up with a proper number for you. That way I'll feel better when I pay my y taxes knowing it's going where it is supposed to instead of some Alaskan bridge to nowhere.

    Make sure you have all your paperwork with you when you go to SD, they are pretty in what is acceptable. But they are also very friendly.

  5. Sorry I forgot "strict" as in pretty strict in what is acceptable.

  6. Won't be long now before you'll be rolling down the road! Can't wait to see you at the Carolina Clan reunion!

  7. I hope you get good news and soon from FEMA. I remember how exciting it is to be in those final days of the countdown. Where do you think you will spend the winter?

    Vicky and Ira

  8. YAY!! Aren't these final days so exciting?! We have about a month and a half until the house goes on sale. I feel like these weeks are speeding by so quickly!!

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  10. As the song says, "time keeps marching on". The counter will be at zero before you know it. As a person whose house has been on the market for two years, I say take the FEMA offer. Good luck.

  11. hope and pray you get a decent offer from won't be long now...

  12. How exciting. It won't be long now! Hope that the ofer is a good one.

  13. When Eldy sold his house, he decided he would take any offer the second time around after having turned down a good one five years ago because he thought it wasn't enough. The offer came a few days after his 62nd birthday. He said, that's it! I'm done! I'm retiring and we are hitting the road! Haven't regretted a single moment! It all came together like it was meant to be. I found a renter for my house right after that, we got a fantastic deal on our Tiffin Phaeton, and now we are on our third year of full timing. Good luck on your offer! It's a wonderful, interesting life, that's for sure....