Sunday, July 8, 2012

This and That

Another one of those weekends..
not a lot to do, but lots got done.

Friday night we decided to be 'bad'
and took ourselves out for
Mexican food. Oh boy it was great!
We ran into some friends of ours,
and ended up following them home
to see the new house they just
finished building.
A 3200 square foot one.
It looked cavernous to us
since living in our little 
400 square foot Harvey :-)

Yesterday was spent doing the routine pedicure..
then to the movies with step-daugher Heather 
to see 'Magic Mike'. Don't waste your $$ :-)

I came home to George and his son Chris
loading up some things into the truck.
Chris is lightening more of the load
of 'stuff' that is left over.
We drove over to his house,
where I got to play with
George's granddaughters..

..then we finished up our day
going to buy groceries.

Today started with church,
going to buy a few things
we needed, then going
out to lunch to TGIF's.
Oh well...I'm still on track
for my weight loss..but I'll
need to try a bit harder :-)

When we got home,
we cut a bunch of fruit 
to put in the freezer..

We also did strawberries, bananas,
and blueberries.
I ordered a new gadget..
a Frozen Treat Maker..
all you do is feed pieces of
frozen fruit, and it comes
out like ice cream.
We'll see :-)
It comes tomorrow..
so stay tuned for yummy pictures
of healthy frozen fruit sorbet!


  1. Curious to know how the ice cream maker turns out. We buy fruit and freeze it for slushies. Something different would be nice.

  2. Can't even imagine a 1000 sq ft house now let alone over 3000. Funny how houses have grown in size even though families have not since I was young. My parents raised 2 children in a 1200 sq ft house and we had plenty of room. What do people need all that space for??

    I freeze fruit for "ice cream" that I make in my quisinart or smoothies that I make in my vitamix blender. Love both. I'll be interested to see how your new frozen treat maker results look and compare them with mine. Is George cutting a pineapple??

    Aren't you just so excited? Less than 2 months. Time is really going by.

    1. Yup! We looked up how to cut a pineapple on YouTube a few months back, and it is so easy, we never buy it any other way now!

  3. We make ice cream in our Vitamix from frozen bananas (to make it creamy) and any other frozen fruit along with some agave nector and a splash of lemon or lime juice to keep it looking and tasting fresh. It is WONDERFUL, especially in this heat!!!

  4. That cantaloupe, frozen, makes a great smoothie. I do mine in a Vitamix machine too..

  5. When I visit people in their homes, in the back of my mind is "Look at all this junk". Amazing how things that were so important lose their relevence once you live in an RV with just what you need. :c)

  6. Every time I look, that "fulltime counter" is getting smaller. Have you published your future travel plans? If so, I missed them.

  7. We love fresh pineapple too and buy one about every week. Will be interested to hear about your new treat maker.