Friday, July 27, 2012

More preparations

Everyone said that these
next two months will fly by.

They are right!

This past week we filled
out all the paperwork
to become South Dakota residents.

Because of all the recommendations
from fellow RVrs,
we decided to use the
services of

They were very helpful!
I had all the forms filled out 
already for..
mail forwarding,
the truck,
and Harvey.

They walked me through
the forms, what to fill out
in places where I had
all will be sent off via UPS 
on Monday.
We should get our new 
license plates before we leave.

I also decided to go ahead
and sell my car now.
George's ex brother in law
has a used car lot, 
and offered to sell it for me.
My only problem is..
no car for two months!
He is such a great guy..
he's loaning me a car for
the next two months..

Eee gad...a 2000 Ford Taurus wagon.
I think I can live with it for a short term :-)

I am turning in my resignation
next week..
I already have a pit in my stomach..
not because I will miss the job..
I've been there 16 years.
Despite all the stress that
I've been under in the past year..
I still will miss the people.

I can't wait to meet new people
and make new friends..
on the road!!


  1. WOW!! Crunch time!! SO exciting! I am so looking forward to following your adventures as you hit the road. And we hope to be right behind you!! :)

  2. So exciting! Hi neighbor :) We live in Sioux Falls too, but at a different address :)
    I sold my car a little early too. I was afraid to wait until the last minute. Everything worked out fine.
    We were able to spend a month in our new home state this summer and it is awesome! Hot, but awesome :)

  3. Welcome to the great state of South Dakota... you'll love it "here" with all of us other South Dakotans. ;) It is hard to turn in the job resignation, but you'll get over that soon enough. Soon you'll be enjoying the new lifestyle and having a great time!

  4. This is all so great Laurie. It's really real now. Resigning is a difficult thing because of all the connections we have with work and because it is a source of security for us. But I know you will actually be relieved and glad about 24 hours later or sooner!! There is nothing like the freedom of retirement. Just stay well so you can enjoy it. David feels like he has traded one job for another one he likes even less.

  5. Congratulations! I hope to see you on the road. Definitely let us know if Florida is in your plans this winter. Wish we could make the Carolina Clan meeting, but we'll be hard at work at Amazon then. Best wishes for a calm and orderly departure for you :-).

  6. I am so excited for you. I thought I would miss my job and so I went back the next summer and taught one class. What I found out is I really was ready to be done. I missed my students but enjoyed my life out on the road so much more. Will be fun to follow along as you begin your travels!

  7. Hi-Dee-Ho, Neighbor! :c) You are going to love "living" in South Dakota.

    We understand your feelings about missing the great people you worked with, but that is what Facebook is for. ;c)