Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mapping out a plan

Our weekend has been spent planning...
...other than the normal things we
do on weekends..
grocery shopping,
and sprucing up Harvey.

George realized that the bike
rack that we had for the back
of the truck would 
not work on Harvey.

So thanks to an idea
we ordered a new bike rack.
George got it all ready..

We also started mapping out
our trip to Sioux Falls.

We'll leave on 10/1.
We only plan on driving
5 hour days, as we have a 
week or so to get there.
We hope to stay at a Wal-Mart
the first night,
possibly visit the Keystone factory
the second day & night.
Wednesday we are stopping
at the Camping World 
in Madison, WI
to get our DirectTV dish
and receiver installed.
By Friday we'll be wanting
to relax a bit..
so we made reservations at
in Welcome, MN.
We plan on staying there through
Monday morning,
then trek the few hours
to Sioux Falls.

The place where most
SD residents-to-be stay

We will be staying there
Monday through Thursday..
leaving South Dakota on
Thursday the 11th of October.

From there the plan is to go south
towards Colorado for a few days..
then cross back to South Carolina.

Tomorrow is the day I turn
in my resignation at work..

...wish me luck..
it is not going to be easy!


  1. Good to have a plan. Wish we did.

  2. Good luck with the resignation. Just keep in mind all the fun you are going to have, take a deep breath and get the heck out of there!


  3. Isn't that bike rack awesome?!! We love it!

    Your plan is so exciting! I can't wait to follow along as you start your travels. :)

  4. Forgot to say, good luck tomorrow!! :)

  5. You can do it, you CAN do it! It is almost the final step in your new life, one step cloer and one step less to do.

    Sioux Falls is quite a nice city, but sort of a horizontal one. Towers CG is nice and centrally located to everything. You'll get a laugh out of the Billion car dealerships. You'll see what I'm talking about when you get there. :c)

  6. Resignation Day was a very happy day for me. Hope it is for you too. Feeling sorry for your staff though, they will miss you. Hope this isn't a complete surprise for them. Let us know if anyone gasps. :-) Tomorrow night you really will be on your way!! Somehow after resigning I was able to be fully over the top excited!!

  7. That looks like the same bike rack we have for our Monty and we do like ours. Sounds like you have a plan!

  8. Good luck tomorrow. Cross off one more step on the list.

  9. GOOD LUCK!!! The resignation part is difficult but worth it. Sounds like you have a good plan. Enjoy your Monday! :)

  10. Good luck on Resignation Monday :) Everything is SO worth it! You're almost there!

  11. How cool, we will be hittin the road almost the same time. I was filling out my resignation paper ealier tonight. They may have to pull it from my fingers. (not!)
    Maybe we can hook up when your near Wi.
    You can smell the freedom :)

  12. That is a fantastic plan! Good luck with the resignation, I know a number of emotions will come into play. When I got down to my last month or so in the Navy I was in a little funk. The day I left the Navy the funk lifted and I never looked back, only forward.

  13. Waiting to hear how the big day went!

  14. We may get to S.D. about the same time! Just have to get through John's doctor appointment. Sure hope he releases him!

    What a relief it will be to submit that resignation. I am so happy for you two.