Monday, July 30, 2012

The day I resign

So today was the day.

I've worked for 3 Springs Water
since 1996.
I started there as a temp,
getting a job after my
divorce so I could raise my two
young sons.

I worked my way up 
from bookkeeper,
to office manager,
to controller,
to general manager,
to President.

With that came all kinds 
of stress as the titles
got added on.

I loved the job,
the people I worked with,
and the customers that
I began to be friends with.

I didn't like the stress.

So today, I had a 
tearful call with a gentleman
that is on our board of directors.
I had a tearful discussion
with my management team.
They knew I would be going..
..just not when.

It went well..
they weren't "shocked",
as they knew our story..
the flood, 
the RV, 
the buyout.

So now that hurdle has been jumped.

I'm sure there will be a
few more hurdles to jump
before we take off.

One more load of bricks
are off my shoulders!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mapping out a plan

Our weekend has been spent planning...
...other than the normal things we
do on weekends..
grocery shopping,
and sprucing up Harvey.

George realized that the bike
rack that we had for the back
of the truck would 
not work on Harvey.

So thanks to an idea
we ordered a new bike rack.
George got it all ready..

We also started mapping out
our trip to Sioux Falls.

We'll leave on 10/1.
We only plan on driving
5 hour days, as we have a 
week or so to get there.
We hope to stay at a Wal-Mart
the first night,
possibly visit the Keystone factory
the second day & night.
Wednesday we are stopping
at the Camping World 
in Madison, WI
to get our DirectTV dish
and receiver installed.
By Friday we'll be wanting
to relax a bit..
so we made reservations at
in Welcome, MN.
We plan on staying there through
Monday morning,
then trek the few hours
to Sioux Falls.

The place where most
SD residents-to-be stay

We will be staying there
Monday through Thursday..
leaving South Dakota on
Thursday the 11th of October.

From there the plan is to go south
towards Colorado for a few days..
then cross back to South Carolina.

Tomorrow is the day I turn
in my resignation at work..

...wish me luck..
it is not going to be easy!

Friday, July 27, 2012

More preparations

Everyone said that these
next two months will fly by.

They are right!

This past week we filled
out all the paperwork
to become South Dakota residents.

Because of all the recommendations
from fellow RVrs,
we decided to use the
services of

They were very helpful!
I had all the forms filled out 
already for..
mail forwarding,
the truck,
and Harvey.

They walked me through
the forms, what to fill out
in places where I had
all will be sent off via UPS 
on Monday.
We should get our new 
license plates before we leave.

I also decided to go ahead
and sell my car now.
George's ex brother in law
has a used car lot, 
and offered to sell it for me.
My only problem is..
no car for two months!
He is such a great guy..
he's loaning me a car for
the next two months..

Eee gad...a 2000 Ford Taurus wagon.
I think I can live with it for a short term :-)

I am turning in my resignation
next week..
I already have a pit in my stomach..
not because I will miss the job..
I've been there 16 years.
Despite all the stress that
I've been under in the past year..
I still will miss the people.

I can't wait to meet new people
and make new friends..
on the road!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Carolina Clan

Well we've gone and done it.

We made our reservations
for site #20
in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

We are meeting a whole gaggle
of bloggers there spanning
the weekend of November 3rd.

George and I are so excited!

This will be our first official
full timing trip.

Our plan now is getting formulated..
pulling out of PA on Oct. 1st,
heading to South Dakota
to become residents.
Then head back towards
South Carolina.
 I changed the countdown
to reflect the new date :-)

We may have to come back 
to PA for the closing on
the property after that.

We're sketching out where 
we'll be going after that, 
but it will all depend on
the finalizing of the buyout 
of the property.

It's finally happening!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Updates to the road ahead..

That number on the right
is getting smaller & smaller!

Most of you who read
this blog know that
in the fall of 2011,
George's house & property
were flooded by Tropical Storm Lee.
We had intended on putting 
the house on the market
and when it sold,
buy our RV, pack
everything up,
and hit the road!
Lee took all that decision
away from us.

Fast forward to the present..
FEMA through the
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
has agreed to purchase
properties that were substantially
destroyed by the flood.

That would be us :-)

The appraisal was done
last Wednesday,
and we are now
awaiting our offer..
which is supposed to be
pre-flood value.

Our dream is starting 
to become reality.

We spent some time 
over in the house tonight.
There's a few things we
have stored over there for now..
our bikes, the satellite dish 
that is not installed yet,
the compressor, etc.

We also have a few more
yard sale items,
and as luck would have it
one of our friends
is having a yard sale,
and is letting us put the 
final pile of our 'stuff'
in it.

We are waiting for our 'offer'
before I turn in my resignation
at work.
We both said it doesn't matter
whether the 'offer' is
good or bad..
we're still going.
For me it's just extra
security to have it in hand
before we make that final step.

So for now,
we sit and wait.
We are starting to make
preliminary plans
about where we will go first.

South Dakota to set up our residency..
Swing south to see my son Austin in CO
Make our way back to South Carolina 
for the 'Carolina Clan' reunion.

From there, who knows!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Not days..
George's age :-)

Today George turned 62.
That magic age...
for so many things.

He officially can collect
social security..
he gets his first check 9/14.

He is eligible for senior discounts..
especially the Senior Lifetime Park Pass.

So today, we spent the day
in a special way.

We started out with a nice breakfast
at a delightful little deli..

We met our friends, 
Joe and Cheri there,
and then headed
to the

The sole purpose of going
there was because it is a
National Historic Site.
George can get his pass there!

It actually is a terrific train
museum, with a lot of
steam powered locomotives.

We watched a locomotive on
the turntable as well..

We all took a ride on a diesel powered train..
the 'America Freedom Train'.

There were people dressed
in Colonial garb..

and two stops along the way
were at small stations..

It was a fun day!

Especially for the birthday boy :-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Last night we tried out our 
new frozen treat maker..

Silly name for a small machine..

but it works great!

We had bananas with strawberries
with a small amount of dark 

It was actually very good!

Tonight we're trying
bananas with blueberries..


Sunday, July 8, 2012

This and That

Another one of those weekends..
not a lot to do, but lots got done.

Friday night we decided to be 'bad'
and took ourselves out for
Mexican food. Oh boy it was great!
We ran into some friends of ours,
and ended up following them home
to see the new house they just
finished building.
A 3200 square foot one.
It looked cavernous to us
since living in our little 
400 square foot Harvey :-)

Yesterday was spent doing the routine pedicure..
then to the movies with step-daugher Heather 
to see 'Magic Mike'. Don't waste your $$ :-)

I came home to George and his son Chris
loading up some things into the truck.
Chris is lightening more of the load
of 'stuff' that is left over.
We drove over to his house,
where I got to play with
George's granddaughters..

..then we finished up our day
going to buy groceries.

Today started with church,
going to buy a few things
we needed, then going
out to lunch to TGIF's.
Oh well...I'm still on track
for my weight loss..but I'll
need to try a bit harder :-)

When we got home,
we cut a bunch of fruit 
to put in the freezer..

We also did strawberries, bananas,
and blueberries.
I ordered a new gadget..
a Frozen Treat Maker..
all you do is feed pieces of
frozen fruit, and it comes
out like ice cream.
We'll see :-)
It comes tomorrow..
so stay tuned for yummy pictures
of healthy frozen fruit sorbet!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Alas, the weekend is over

The weather was perfect,
the company even better.

Yesterday we awoke to a 
wonderful breakfast of
blueberry pancakes,
yogurt with homemade granola,
and sausage patties.

We took a drive afterwards
to a gravel & dirt road
that our B&B family recommended.

We found birch trees,
and wildflowers..
it was lovely.

We made our way to the
Pennsylvania Grand Canyon,
where it's always a nice
little hike, and the views
are spectacular!

There were hundreds of butterflies
just hatching out of their cocoons..

Red Admiral Butterfly
..they would land right on our clothes!

We were getting hungry...
imagine that!..
We went to a new place
called the Wellesboro House.

I had a great sandwich,
and George had a good cheese steak.

They had a lot of local brews,
so we tried the sampler..
6 beers (small!) to taste.
They were all good!

The highlight of our day, however,
was meeting up with Jill & Steve..
They are a delightful couple,
she's just like her blog..
full of life!

We sat outside and talked
about everything full-time & RV..
drinking a bit of wine,
and they graciously grilled
burgers & sides for us.
We topped it off with a key-lime pie
that I brought to enjoy.

Maybe someday we can work camp
side by side, or at a minimum I'm 
sure we will see them
somewhere 'down the road'.

We are now home..
the wash is going,
got the groceries bought
and put away,
and George is out cutting grass.

Back to our reality...

...for now!