Friday, June 29, 2012

A weekend away..

In our future full-timing life,
we figure we won't have the funds
to enjoy a nice bed & breakfast.
(Well that's a bit drastic..we won't be that poor!)

being as our countdown is ticking away,
we decided to take a long weekend.

Today we drove the 3 hours northwest
to Wellesboro, PA.
We are staying at a bed & breakfast
that we stayed at last year,

When we got into town,
it was just about lunchtime,
so we stopped and had a nice lunch 
at the Gaslight..

We then checked into
our room...
and relaxed a bit on the deck
that surrounds the B&B..

There is a nice train ride
to take, and tonight it
happened to be ice cream night..
so off we went to board 
the train..

It runs along Hammond-Tioga Lake

The pictures are terrible..
hard to take shots from a
slow moving train!

On the way to our train,
we stopped at Ives Run
and said hi to Jill & Steve
of  'Two Tools & a Dream'..
they are workcamping there
for the summer. 
We are getting together with
them tomorrow night.

It was a nice start to our 3 day weekend..
we came back and enjoyed the sunset..

Looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. That's quite a large mug of beer, no wonder you're smiling!

  2. LOVE George in a cap! A 'looker' for i'am not a stalker! Have fun.

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend. So nice to see you relaxing!

  4. Have a great weekend!! The weather looks to be beautiful! :)

  5. Enjoy yourself and stay cool. It is boiling down here!!

  6. We LOVE Ives Run. The absolute best COE we've found. Your friends are quite lucky to have found such a gem to work camp at.

    Keep on enjoying yourselves.

  7. You two sure look like happy campers. Nice sunset pic.

  8. LOVE the idea of an ice cream train ride. Sounds like a nearly perfect week-end. I'm writing down Ives Run COE so when we come through PA we can give it a try. Thanks!