Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Busy, busy weekend!

Seems like some weekends are quiet..
while others rush by as we
are busy doing things.

Friday night was my every-6th-week
haircut & color.
While down there,
I meet up with my girlfriend, Karen
for dinner.
We tried a new place, Alfredo's,
and it was pretty good.

Yesterday was spent doing
our grocery shopping,
a bit of putzing around the RV
and yard. The weather was
perfect for doing anything.

George's computer has been
giving him issues, so I had a
friend of mine, Josh, come 
by and 'tune up' George's laptop.

George watching Josh do his magic!

Since Josh was here so long, 
of course it was too late to make dinner..
I took George out for a Father's Day dinner.
We both tried a new micro-brew,
Susquehanna Brewing Company..

we also had a bit of Italian food.

Today, Sunday, was the best!

We loaded up the Sea Eagle,
and took her to 
Frances Slocum State Park.
First time we've had the boat out
this season!

George started getting things out..

We took turns pumping her up..

..then we set off!

The weather was perfect,
not too hot, a slight breeze,
and not too many people on the lake.

Afterwards, of course we
just had to have ice cream!

 Oh yeah...we were in the paper as well today!

We got interviewed by the local paper,
as it has been 40 years since the LAST flood..
Hurricane Agnes.
They got our thoughts on the flood
of September 2011..

pretty cool..the reporter was quite
interested in our RV story :-)

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!


  1. Happy fathers day to George also :)....great article....great waffle cones with my i/cream also George :)

  2. Oh wow! Must be the day for waffle cones. There is almost NOTHING in this area of North Dakota. Miles and miles to anything. However, we found a laundromat less than 3 miles away. We stopped there after church to do the laundry. It is owned by same people who have an ice cream shop next door. This morning we could smell the waffle cones baking. I kept thinking about it all day. Just HAD to return late this afternoon. So worth it!

    Trusting George had a great Fathers Day.

  3. Happy Father's Day to George! What could be better than ice cream and a Sea Eagle :)

  4. Not many things beat a relaxing weekend. They come more frequently when both are retired. Judy and I sometimes have more than one relaxing weekend in a single week!

  5. Looks like a great day for taking the Sea Eagle out. That ice cream cone looks so good, I think you need to share it! I want some!!

  6. Looked like a great day for the Kayak and ICE CREAM:o)) So glad you will not have to clean out another house. It is close to time to move on!!!

  7. Happy Father's day (a day late) to George. You'll have to get us a link to the interview if you can. :)

    1. The link is within the text of the blog - see it there on the bottom - it says "Times Leader Article" :-)

  8. Next Father's Day you'll be full timing and who knows where you can set out that Sea Eagle and get that ice cream. Sounds like a great tradition to me.

  9. I think that was a pretty lame excuse, using the Sea Eagle just so you could go out for ice cream... ;c)

  10. Sounds like you had gorgeous weather for the Sea Eagle. Good way to end a perfect day at the ice cream shop!

    Interesting article. Thanks for posting it.