Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another beautiful day!

Summer seems to have come early,
and is going fast!

Yesterday afternoon there was
a quick thunderstorm with straight-line winds
that went through our area.
The little airport across the river
from us had some issues:

Two planes were flipped upside down!

We had a couple trees snapped in two, 
but thankfully they were down
by the river, so no damage to Harvey.
There are a lot of small limbs
scattered around the yard.

Today I went for a pedicure,
and when I got back,
George was working on installing
his new
  tonneau cover.

It will keep things covered
when we are not hitched up, 
but will roll up when we are.

When he had it all installed,
we took a drive over to
Kirby Park, where
the annual Riverfest was going on.

We took a walk around the park,
and then down to where the festival
was happening.

There were kayaks going down
the fact we saw them from
our backyard..

..and we saw them at the park..

They also had dragon boats..

all of this was to celebrate the
Susquehanna river.
The same one that flooded our house :-)

We grabbed an italian ice at Rita's
on the way home but the camera was
in the car, so no pictures.

It was a very nice day,
more to come tomorrow!


  1. Good heavens -- that was quite a thunderstorm you had! Glad Harvey escaped any damage!

  2. scary storm glad your all ok...

  3. Quite the wind, glad no problems for you.
    The cover looks good, I have thought of adding but not sure yet.

  4. That was quite the storm! I look at storms so differently now that we have the fiver. Glad you didn't have any damage.

  5. That'a why I don't like to fly. Look how much trouble those planes got into while still on the ground! :cO

  6. Ditto on Paul and Marti. I so miss Rita's. I love the Mango with the chocolate ice cream.

  7. I love riverfests. I love rivers. I love to celebrate rivers. I'm sure the river didn't mean to flood you out, it was just that storm that made her do it. :-)

  8. Glad the storm missed you. You had your share!!