Friday, June 29, 2012

A weekend away..

In our future full-timing life,
we figure we won't have the funds
to enjoy a nice bed & breakfast.
(Well that's a bit drastic..we won't be that poor!)

being as our countdown is ticking away,
we decided to take a long weekend.

Today we drove the 3 hours northwest
to Wellesboro, PA.
We are staying at a bed & breakfast
that we stayed at last year,

When we got into town,
it was just about lunchtime,
so we stopped and had a nice lunch 
at the Gaslight..

We then checked into
our room...
and relaxed a bit on the deck
that surrounds the B&B..

There is a nice train ride
to take, and tonight it
happened to be ice cream night..
so off we went to board 
the train..

It runs along Hammond-Tioga Lake

The pictures are terrible..
hard to take shots from a
slow moving train!

On the way to our train,
we stopped at Ives Run
and said hi to Jill & Steve
of  'Two Tools & a Dream'..
they are workcamping there
for the summer. 
We are getting together with
them tomorrow night.

It was a nice start to our 3 day weekend..
we came back and enjoyed the sunset..

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some good news!

Today was another nice day.

We cleaned up Harvey on the inside,
did our grocery shopping,
got the laundry done,
then spent some nice time
outside in the fresh air.

We grilled our favorite meal, 
shish kabob.

We didn't eat them all, 
there were a lot leftover, 
for lunches this week.

George & I also decided it
was time to get away 
for the weekend..
so, next weekend,
we are going to 
Wellesboro, PA
to stay at the 
We stayed there last year
at this time. It's a nice
bed & breakfast up 
on a mountain.

While we are there, we
are going to meet up with
Jill & Steve of
They are workamping at
Tioga-Hammond lake campground,
which is just outside Wellesboro.
I love reading Jill's blog,
and we can't wait to meet them!

Oh yeah, for the good news!

We got our letter from the 
Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority.

The next step is the appraisal to determine
the pre-flood value of the property,
and then the process of the buyout begins!

Though our countdown shows that
we are targeting September 1 to leave,
it may be within a month or so after that date.

Either way, that light at the end of 
the tunnel is blinding!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another beautiful day!

Summer seems to have come early,
and is going fast!

Yesterday afternoon there was
a quick thunderstorm with straight-line winds
that went through our area.
The little airport across the river
from us had some issues:

Two planes were flipped upside down!

We had a couple trees snapped in two, 
but thankfully they were down
by the river, so no damage to Harvey.
There are a lot of small limbs
scattered around the yard.

Today I went for a pedicure,
and when I got back,
George was working on installing
his new
  tonneau cover.

It will keep things covered
when we are not hitched up, 
but will roll up when we are.

When he had it all installed,
we took a drive over to
Kirby Park, where
the annual Riverfest was going on.

We took a walk around the park,
and then down to where the festival
was happening.

There were kayaks going down
the fact we saw them from
our backyard..

..and we saw them at the park..

They also had dragon boats..

all of this was to celebrate the
Susquehanna river.
The same one that flooded our house :-)

We grabbed an italian ice at Rita's
on the way home but the camera was
in the car, so no pictures.

It was a very nice day,
more to come tomorrow!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Busy, busy weekend!

Seems like some weekends are quiet..
while others rush by as we
are busy doing things.

Friday night was my every-6th-week
haircut & color.
While down there,
I meet up with my girlfriend, Karen
for dinner.
We tried a new place, Alfredo's,
and it was pretty good.

Yesterday was spent doing
our grocery shopping,
a bit of putzing around the RV
and yard. The weather was
perfect for doing anything.

George's computer has been
giving him issues, so I had a
friend of mine, Josh, come 
by and 'tune up' George's laptop.

George watching Josh do his magic!

Since Josh was here so long, 
of course it was too late to make dinner..
I took George out for a Father's Day dinner.
We both tried a new micro-brew,
Susquehanna Brewing Company..

we also had a bit of Italian food.

Today, Sunday, was the best!

We loaded up the Sea Eagle,
and took her to 
Frances Slocum State Park.
First time we've had the boat out
this season!

George started getting things out..

We took turns pumping her up..

..then we set off!

The weather was perfect,
not too hot, a slight breeze,
and not too many people on the lake.

Afterwards, of course we
just had to have ice cream!

 Oh yeah...we were in the paper as well today!

We got interviewed by the local paper,
as it has been 40 years since the LAST flood..
Hurricane Agnes.
They got our thoughts on the flood
of September 2011..

pretty cool..the reporter was quite
interested in our RV story :-)

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good numbers, Pizza & Ice Cream

What does that mean, 
you must ask..

We have been eating 
 healthier since April 1.
I got new blood work done
last week, and the results came in.
All my numbers went down!
My cholesterol dropped 10 points,
my good cholesterol went up
substantially, while the bad one
dropped as well.
I'm quite pleased!
I'm still hovering around 15# lost, 
but still want to lose at least another 20#.
It comes off slow!

Today was a nice 'ME' day.
George took his daughter,
and two granddaughters out
to lunch.

Then took them out for ice cream
at Hillside Dairy, where there are
different farm animals to see..

I got to stay home by myself!
I cleaned, sat outside in the sun a bit..
and thoroughly enjoyed having
some quiet time.

When George got home,
we told each other about our days..
then went out for pizza.
I haven't had pizza for
3 months..and boy
it was worth it.

Afterwards, since it was soooo close,
we went the same Dairy to have
an ice cream, and look at the animals..

There were sheep,


and baby calves

Cute little place!

Tomorrow is church,
grocery shopping,
and who knows what all.

Hopefully it will be a nice
day and we can get out and about!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quiet weekend

Waiting, waiting..

Seems like every weekend 
is spent looking for ways
to pass the time.
We wish we could pull
out of here and 
If it wasn't such a PITA 
to do that, 
we would!

So Saturday was spent
our normal way..
doing laundry,
grocery shopping,
and seeing the sights
in our little 'hood.

The babies are getting bigger..

and the feral cats that 
made it through the flood
are having kittens..
this one is especially cute!
His eyes don't look good though :-(

They don't look hungry either,
they must be eating lots of mice!

Today we went to our church,
then came home and ate lunch.
We're still sticking to our guns, 
and eating healthy. 
I've lost a total of 15 pounds so far.

We went to see a movie..
'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'
which was a great one.
George said he liked it,
even though I thought he
might doze off during it :-)

Once getting back home, 
I made another pan of quiche..

..this time I made it with
spinach instead of broccoli,
and baked it in the convection oven.
Looks like it came out good!
I'll freeze it in squares,
and have it for breakfast.

Tonight is leftover Lentil Soup,
and back to the work week.

We can't believe it's June already!