Friday, May 18, 2012

Updates from the week

It's been a fairly busy week!
It's always nice to get away..
but the catching up is the hard part.

I got all caught up at work,
with not too many problems.

Wednesday night my asthma 
decided to kick up a notch.
I usually get some seasonal
allergies, that can flare up
my lifelong asthma issues.
I do start using some preventive
medications in April, 
until the season is over,
usually in June.
Sometimes I need a bit more help!
So..George drove me
to a MedExpress
so I could get what I 
needed to breathe :-)

Lovely shot !
I am much better now!

On the healthy eating front..
I did gain 4 pounds on vacation..
but it's all back off.
We're both back to our
healthier way of eating.

Tonight when I got home
from work,
I found George putting
up a cool thing I bought
for Harvey:

He cleaned off the back..

Then applied the decal:

The finished product!

We also put our blog address
on our slide by the door..

Can't wait to fill in those states!

George also installed the Pressure Pro System
on the truck & fifth-wheel today.

He was very busy today!

The weekend is shaping up
to be a beautiful one.
Tomorrow is George's 
granddaughter Jillian's
5th birthday.
We'll be at their house to
and try not to get tempted
by birthday cake :-)


  1. Plan on a very thin piece, then you won't be tempted to have a bigger one. I figure if it is less than I would have had in the past, it is O.K

  2. Love your decal. Have fun at the BD party and I agree with Merikay on this one (haha). Jillian might be upset if you don't take a tiny bite of her BD cake.

  3. That decal is very cool. :) Pretty soon you can start filling those states in!

  4. Cool Decal!!

    It is OK to celebrate with a small piece of cake or you and George split a piece. The problem for most of us is we celebrate at EVERY meal and then add a few Celebration snacks to our everyday diet ;0((

    Keep up the good work getting that 4 pounds off!!! You may find your Asthma is not quite so severe as you improve your diet and get healthy.

  5. That decal is really cool. What a clever idea!

    In no time you'll have lots of states filling in that map and we're excited for you that your fulltiming is right around the corner. :c)

  6. Boy George was really productive while you were out being Madam President. Love the decal.

  7. Love that decal! I agree with Sherry...George was super productive. We've gotten so lazy it would take us 3 days to do all that!

  8. I like your decal! I know how you feel, I couldn't wait to add states to my blog USA map. I don't have many, but enough that I'm not a total newbie anymore. :)

  9. Looks like you got some fun stuff. Love the decal with you blog address on it- great idea.

  10. It's expected to gain some weight on vacation. Kudos to you for losing it already!