Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sightseeing day

We didn't do a lot yesterday,
so a short recap:

Bill, Connie, George, and I
took a drive around. 
We were going to go to the local
Camping World, and look for
some RV parks to stay in
when we come visit them.

We stopped at a Holiday World,
which had a bunch of Montanas.
We wanted to show them our rig,
so that's what we did.

Last night we went out 
for Mexican..

I wasn't good :-)

Today, George and I took 
the car, and went off exploring.

We drove to Old Town Spring.

It's a lovely little artsy town.

We walked around, going in
and out of some of the shops.

We bought a hummingbird feeder
to put on the window.

There was a small bakery
that sold gourmet cake balls: of course we bought a
couple each,
then went next door
wine tasting..

..then had a glass of sangria,
with our cake balls..

..not good for the diet!

We grabbed a quick lunch after..

On the way back to
Bill & Connie's house,
we looked for a few
more RV parks.
We weren't too 
successful, but we 
see a lot online.

We like Texas!


  1. Ohhh...those cake balls looks yummy! I hope they tasted as good as they look. :) Looks like a great place to visit - I am looking forward to seeing Texas!

  2. Knew you would like Old Town Spring. That Holiday World is huge. We almost got our Wine Gard dome there but ended up down the road at Camping World and got it there.

    But for me, I still hate the traffic in that area. Might come from being sideswiped by a car as we were getting off an exit. The car running at least 80 on the shoulder on I10. The car hit us and never even tapped their brakes. My right side of car demolished. No one hurt fortunately. Now I am more than a little nervous in that area especially when pulling our home behind us.

    Enjoy your little vacation down there!

  3. Look at all the birdhouses in that shop! That would've been a fun shop to browse through.

    Those cake balls look sinfully good!

  4. We enjoyed Texas but were with friends during our time in that area so didn't get to check out any of the parks in the area. Texas does have very nice state parks, don't know if there are any there but I'd check on that.