Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - weekend update

Thank you to all servicemen & women
who fought so that we could be free..

It's been a glorious weekend!

Friday night was date night..

I came home early,
and we decided it was 
time to reward ourselves
for such good healthy eating.
We drove down the road
to the River Grille.
We made a pact to
not go overboard.

We both ordered a small salad,
and a glass of wine, it was great!

We then went for a soft serve
ice cream..
well George did :-)

Saturday was spent doing
our domestic chores..
cleaning, laundry,
and grocery shopping.
We also rented a couple movies.
We grilled..first time on our
new grill..

Sunday was church,
and then more movie watching.
It was so hot out, sitting
outside was difficult!

Some of our feathered friends
came by to visit..

Today was beautiful.
We lounged around a bit..
then got to working outside.
The Sea Eagle got battered about
during the flood..but made it through.
George had pumped it up last fall,
but it seemed to be leaking somewhere,
so we took it out to investigate..

I got my exercise pumping it up!

The bag got mud in it from the flood, 
and the Eagle is dirty..

We scrubbed it up..

..and think we found the leak.

George decided to wash all 
the windows on Harvey..

..while I checked out the nursery..

We had a great weekend..
and everyone else did too!


  1. Sounds like a very fine week-end. Darling bird picture. Do you loan George out for windows???

  2. That salad looks great - nice way to not go overboard.

  3. That's how you relax on a weekend? I'd hate to see a busy weekend! ;c)

  4. Nice way to spend a long weekend!! Get the Sea Eagle in shape for many adventures...we love ours;o))

  5. What a sweet picture of the baby bird. Those kabobs look wonderful!

  6. Looks like a great weekend. Love the baby bird. :)

  7. Your dinner looked yummy!! :) You guys had a super productive weekend. :)

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  9. Wow! That countdown is moving FAST now - down to 91 days!! Do you feel like you've climbed onto a speeding train?

    1. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

  10. Once I am done with gate guarding, a Sea Eagle is what I would like to get.

    Better get out the sun glasses to see where you're going once you're out of that tunnel. LOL

  11. I just found your blog and have been reading your back posts. Our story is much like yours. We were at the rally in Sevierville and like you, we sold our home while we were there. As we only had one to sell we left right after the closing date.

    We were in the Hershey area for the flooding. I have never seen such devistation. I can't say that I can imagine how you must have felt. I have never had anything like that happen to me. You guys picked yourselves up and carried on. That takes a lot of strength.

    Ira and I also changed our eating habits at the end of March just before we left Florida for the summer. We have both lost 20 pounds and feel so much better. And who doesn't like having to buy new clothes. I know my insides are healthier too.

    I am really enjoying reading your progress. Keep up the good work.

    Vicky and Ira

    We just celebrated our one year mark of full timing. It has been wonderful. Your time is approaching so fast. Before long you will be looking back wondering where that first year went.