Monday, May 7, 2012

Kemah Boardwalk

Monday in Houston..

We woke up to a nice day here.
Both of us wanted to see Galveston,
although our hosts told us
it's not all that great a place.
They did give in and we took
the drive down to see it.

I was surprised how the Gulf of Mexico
water is so brown..and not from the tar :-)

Interesting gulls..

The beach has really come back from
Hurricane Ike, which destroyed
the whole area.

From there we headed north to 
Kemah, and the boardwalk.

This was another area devastated
by Hurricane Ike.
They did a fantastic job of
getting it up and running again.

We rode the little train,
that takes you around the complex..

and walked around looking at
all the beautiful flowers.

Then it was time for lunch!
I've always wanted to go
to Joe's Crab Shack..

I had crab legs, ear of corn,
and red potatoes.
It was great, did not disappoint!

Tomorrow it's looking like
a bit of rain.
We're supposed to go
to the Woodlands,
but we may take a look
at some RV resorts in the area.
There's also a Camping World
nearby...we're thinking we
should stop by!


  1. Have fun, we enjoyed our time in Galveston and in Houston.

  2. Yes, Galveston is not like other gulf areas where the water is blue & beautiful. But the beach can still be nice. The beaches weren't that devastated by Ike, but the Strand in Galveston sure was. As was the Flagship hotel, which I think they've finally demolished? Kemah was put back together really quickly!
    I lost my house to now I live in my RV.

  3. We loved the beautiful homes in Galveston.

  4. Have fun. It looks like a great place to explore.

  5. While in that area we ate in a restaurant that had a large multi-story aquarium in the middle. Forget the name.

    I've often thought about going to a Joe's Crab shack. Glad to know it is worth it.

    Our son-in-law used to be a HS band director up at the Woodlands. They lived in the nearby town of Spring. If you have time, visit Old Town Spring. He is now one in Clearlake near the NASA Center. I don't know how they stand living in that area - the traffic is ALWAYS horrendous.

  6. No, Galveston does not have the beautiful blue water, but it is my "old stomping grounds" with so many memories made there. Hope there is still something left of The Strand area. Used to enjoy just sitting on the hotel balcony on The Seawall and people-watching. :)

  7. Oh YUM, LOVE crabs any way you want to cook them. Guess I'll have to google to find out why Galveston's water is so much muddier than other places in the gulf. Doesn't seem like the Mississippi Mud would influence that.