Sunday, May 6, 2012

I've gained a niece!

Today was family day in Houston.

This morning was a light breakfast, 
followed by a trip to HEB.
For those not familiar, 
HEB is one of Texas' finest grocery stores.

George's brother Bill works
there part time as one of their
coffee roasters.
He even has his own coffee!

The place is amazing. We highly
recommend stopping in sometime.

This afternoon, Bill's daughter
Angie, her husband Wes, and their 
daughter Brianna, and son Jimmy
came over for lunch.

Annie, Jimmy, and Brianna

First time I've ever been called an Aunt!

We had a nice lunch, and some time to visit.
George showed them pictures of our RV,
and the flood..

It was nice to see them again!

Afterwards, George and I took a nice walk.
The temps have been in the upper 80's
but not too hot.

Tomorrow we're heading south
to Galveston, then make our
way northeast to Kemah boardwalk.

Looking forward to the day!


  1. Always fun to be with family. Have fun in Galveston, we did a little trip there this winter and had a great time.

  2. Have fun in Galveston & Kemah! The boardwalk is pretty neat. I used to live close to there. We got to HEB often here.