Friday, May 4, 2012

Houston here we come!

Our first vacation of 2012
will be spent in Houston.

George's brother, Bill,
and his wife Connie,
live in the north suburbs
of Houston, TX.

We've seen the temperatures!
It will be in the high 80's all week.

They plan on taking us to
Galveston Beach,
and a town on the water
where there is a boardwalk.
It looks like fun!

This week has been a busy one again.
Work (ugh) has been extremely busy.
Our plant (bottled water)
is bottling the winner of
WalMart's latest marketing contest:

It's going to be a crazy summer!

George bought me a spice rack for Harvey.

I had my spices in the pull out pantry
by the oven, and I found
it difficult to find them
when needed.
This works great!

Next post will be from Texas!


  1. LOVE that spice rack. Trying to figure out where I could put it. There isn't much height between the counter top and the cupboard bottom in Winnona and my blender "just" fits.

  2. George has a great eye for inovation, cool place for that spice rack.

    Enjoy your week's vacation. In no time it will be vacation all the time. :c)

  3. Nice spice rack!! Enjoy your vacation:o))

  4. Have a wonderful vacation!! :) Can't wait to see the updates/pics from Houston!

  5. Hope you enjoy Houston, Galveston and Kemah. I grew up in Houston and spent quite a few years of my adult life in all those places. There's nothing like dining on fresh seafood while being able to see the ocean. Okay, I have to go now, I'm getting homesick! Enjoy!

  6. Enjoy your vacation!! Travel safe and enjoy the journey!
    Love the new spice rack. I always have trouble deciding how to do my spices. Where did you all find that one??
    By the way, my book arrived yesterday and I have just started reading. I hope I am as successful as you've been. I truly need to eat better, lose some weight and feel healthier. :-)