Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feels like summer!

This was a perfect weekend!

It started off with Jillian's 
birthday party - 5 years old!

There was a bouncy house..

and face painting.

I was very good!

I had a small burger,
and one small piece 
of cake..
and lots of bottled water :-)
I lost the 4 pounds from vacation,
and 1 more for good measure.
My total loss is 12# so far.

Today we went to church,
then came home and
proceeded to enjoy 
the beautiful weather.

We had some watermelon..

and artichokes.

That was our lunch!

We shared some watermelon
with our buddy:

But this mama robin did not
want us around:

She was very protective of her
nest of eggs.

Next weekend is looking nice 
as well..
we're hoping to get the Sea Eagle
out for this year's float!


  1. From the sounds of your contiuing weight loss, your Sea Eagle will be riding high out of the water! Good job!

  2. Will Power is hard to harness but it seems that ya'l have mastered it.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss and we too are enjoying summer.

  4. We have NO will power around birthday cake. Good for you for taking only a small piece.