Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - weekend update

Thank you to all servicemen & women
who fought so that we could be free..

It's been a glorious weekend!

Friday night was date night..

I came home early,
and we decided it was 
time to reward ourselves
for such good healthy eating.
We drove down the road
to the River Grille.
We made a pact to
not go overboard.

We both ordered a small salad,
and a glass of wine, it was great!

We then went for a soft serve
ice cream..
well George did :-)

Saturday was spent doing
our domestic chores..
cleaning, laundry,
and grocery shopping.
We also rented a couple movies.
We grilled..first time on our
new grill..

Sunday was church,
and then more movie watching.
It was so hot out, sitting
outside was difficult!

Some of our feathered friends
came by to visit..

Today was beautiful.
We lounged around a bit..
then got to working outside.
The Sea Eagle got battered about
during the flood..but made it through.
George had pumped it up last fall,
but it seemed to be leaking somewhere,
so we took it out to investigate..

I got my exercise pumping it up!

The bag got mud in it from the flood, 
and the Eagle is dirty..

We scrubbed it up..

..and think we found the leak.

George decided to wash all 
the windows on Harvey..

..while I checked out the nursery..

We had a great weekend..
and everyone else did too!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

100 days!

So I'm looking at the countdown
on the right hand side..
..holy cow!
Our goal to full-time is only 100
days away!
4 months..

We are getting our ducks 
in a row (so to speak)..

We have everything we need
for Harvey now.

All that's left is:

Complete buyout of our property**
George's first SS check on 9/14
Sell my Honda Fit
Arrange with Alternative Resources 
to become SD residents
Sign up for health insurance
Resign from my job!
..and I'm sure a few other details.

**FEMA is moving forward!
They're still saying by end of 
September or October we should be
all 'bought-out'.

We are getting excited!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feels like summer!

This was a perfect weekend!

It started off with Jillian's 
birthday party - 5 years old!

There was a bouncy house..

and face painting.

I was very good!

I had a small burger,
and one small piece 
of cake..
and lots of bottled water :-)
I lost the 4 pounds from vacation,
and 1 more for good measure.
My total loss is 12# so far.

Today we went to church,
then came home and
proceeded to enjoy 
the beautiful weather.

We had some watermelon..

and artichokes.

That was our lunch!

We shared some watermelon
with our buddy:

But this mama robin did not
want us around:

She was very protective of her
nest of eggs.

Next weekend is looking nice 
as well..
we're hoping to get the Sea Eagle
out for this year's float!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Updates from the week

It's been a fairly busy week!
It's always nice to get away..
but the catching up is the hard part.

I got all caught up at work,
with not too many problems.

Wednesday night my asthma 
decided to kick up a notch.
I usually get some seasonal
allergies, that can flare up
my lifelong asthma issues.
I do start using some preventive
medications in April, 
until the season is over,
usually in June.
Sometimes I need a bit more help!
So..George drove me
to a MedExpress
so I could get what I 
needed to breathe :-)

Lovely shot !
I am much better now!

On the healthy eating front..
I did gain 4 pounds on vacation..
but it's all back off.
We're both back to our
healthier way of eating.

Tonight when I got home
from work,
I found George putting
up a cool thing I bought
for Harvey:

He cleaned off the back..

Then applied the decal:

The finished product!

We also put our blog address
on our slide by the door..

Can't wait to fill in those states!

George also installed the Pressure Pro System
on the truck & fifth-wheel today.

He was very busy today!

The weekend is shaping up
to be a beautiful one.
Tomorrow is George's 
granddaughter Jillian's
5th birthday.
We'll be at their house to
and try not to get tempted
by birthday cake :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mom's day!

We hope that all moms, daughters,
aunts & grandmothers
had a wonderful day.

Both my sons called
me today, it was so
great to hear from them.

Adam & Candee
My new step-daughter
posted a wonderful
sentiment on Facebook for me.


Our vacation ended yesterday..
we got home by around 10 pm,
flights were uneventful.

Today was back to our
normal grocery shopping,
and getting a bit of wash done.

Tomorrow is back to
the drudgery of work.


I keep thinking that
there aren't too many
months of drudgery left!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vacation winding down

Tonight is our last night in Texas.

We've had a nice last couple of days.
Connie's family was over,
including her daughter Sandy
 and granddaughter Madeline.

Connie, Sandy, Annie, Papa
It was nice to meet everyone..
she has a terrific family,
all from Columbia.

Her daugther, Annie's 16th birthday
party is being held tomorrow.
A lot of her family is in town
for it, but we can't stay :-(

Tonight we had a juicy t-storm, 
and tornado warning to boot.
We all sat glued to the TV, but
it skirted around us.

Tomorrow we'll be flying home.
It will be good to be back to our
own little spot...
making preparations to
hit the road!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sightseeing day

We didn't do a lot yesterday,
so a short recap:

Bill, Connie, George, and I
took a drive around. 
We were going to go to the local
Camping World, and look for
some RV parks to stay in
when we come visit them.

We stopped at a Holiday World,
which had a bunch of Montanas.
We wanted to show them our rig,
so that's what we did.

Last night we went out 
for Mexican..

I wasn't good :-)

Today, George and I took 
the car, and went off exploring.

We drove to Old Town Spring.

It's a lovely little artsy town.

We walked around, going in
and out of some of the shops.

We bought a hummingbird feeder
to put on the window.

There was a small bakery
that sold gourmet cake balls: of course we bought a
couple each,
then went next door
wine tasting..

..then had a glass of sangria,
with our cake balls..

..not good for the diet!

We grabbed a quick lunch after..

On the way back to
Bill & Connie's house,
we looked for a few
more RV parks.
We weren't too 
successful, but we 
see a lot online.

We like Texas!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Kemah Boardwalk

Monday in Houston..

We woke up to a nice day here.
Both of us wanted to see Galveston,
although our hosts told us
it's not all that great a place.
They did give in and we took
the drive down to see it.

I was surprised how the Gulf of Mexico
water is so brown..and not from the tar :-)

Interesting gulls..

The beach has really come back from
Hurricane Ike, which destroyed
the whole area.

From there we headed north to 
Kemah, and the boardwalk.

This was another area devastated
by Hurricane Ike.
They did a fantastic job of
getting it up and running again.

We rode the little train,
that takes you around the complex..

and walked around looking at
all the beautiful flowers.

Then it was time for lunch!
I've always wanted to go
to Joe's Crab Shack..

I had crab legs, ear of corn,
and red potatoes.
It was great, did not disappoint!

Tomorrow it's looking like
a bit of rain.
We're supposed to go
to the Woodlands,
but we may take a look
at some RV resorts in the area.
There's also a Camping World
nearby...we're thinking we
should stop by!