Sunday, April 1, 2012

This and that..

Another quiet weekend.

Started off on Friday night
going out for Greek!

We headed for a great place-
It's a terrific little Greek restaurant
in an old popcorn factory.

The tables are made from the
old popcorn carts. 
We started out with an
appetizer of spinach pie.

George had a Dolmades platter..
which was grape leaves with
spinach & ground beef.

I had Chicken Saganakey..
Grilled chicken with red wine sauce,
 feta cheese, onions, peppers and fresh tomatoes!

We were too stuffed for dessert :)

This will be our last meal 
at a restaurant for awhile.

I've been reading the 
'Blood Sugar Solution'
by Dr. Mark Hyman,
and have decided that
I need to get healthier
before we hit the road.

So..yesterday we bought
lots of fresh veggies, fruit
and non-processed food.
We started this morning
on our way to a healthier lifestyle.

Merikay has been posting how
they have made changes to their
eating habits, and it has inspired me.

I hope that we can stick to it.
It's hard to do, especially when
working full time. Last thing I want
to do is cook when I get home.
I need a personal chef!!

Soon enough I won't 
need to worry about the work thing.

Our time is getting closer!

Another feathered friend
has been dropping by:

That blue is gorgeous!


  1. Living in California I truly miss seeing the Bluejays and Cardinals that are all around you. It seems they never made it over the Rockies!

    I just got the "Blood Sugar Solution" book on the Kindle. I checked on the Library sit and there was a waiting list of over 50! Except for my art work, I am at home most of the time. My challenge has been to visualize how I will be cooking and shopping when on the road in an RV. California is known for it's excellent grocery and produce availability. But after a few weeks I am coming to understand that we are really using more and more simple, fresh ingredients that should be available almost anywhere.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your success!

  2. Haven't read the Blood Sugar Solution but understand there is a 60 minutes program on tonight about what they have discovered about sugar. We read The China Study which details the connection between nutrition and heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other "western diseases". It was striking and we totally changed our diet to Vegan. We both feel much better and have more energy although David's has been affected by his treatments. I've easily lost weight and would never think of going back to my old way of eating. Everything tastes so much better. Good luck to you two.

  3. Sounds like a plan I need to imitate. So I guess that lunch at the local DQ might have been a bad choice. My bad!

  4. I have been studying the effects of sugar for a very long time and have come to the conclusion that it can be very influential on my behavior.

    I've never met a doughnut that I didn't like... ;c)

  5. I just read a large part of the book. Food-wise, I have been doing much of what he suggests in the basic plan. His advanced plan is more exclusive than I can handle. I'm working toward eating in a way that I can live with for the rest of my life, and one that Craig will easily go along with. Everyone has to find their own way. Take from the Solution what works for you.

    BTW, I just checked my BMI. It has gone down from 31 to 29. Now I'm just overweight instead of obese!

  6. Congratulations on your decision to get healthier. Without good health you can't enjoy the life you want to enjoy. Other great sources are any book by John McDougall, Cadwell or Rip Esselstyn, Neal Barnard or T. Collin Campbell.

    Love the Blue Jay photos!!!

  7. I need a lot of encouragement about heathy eating. Judy let me down in that department this weekend! Please don't read my latest post. It provides no encouragement. :(

  8. Is that a real bird? I've never seen one with markings like that.

    Looks art deco. :)