Saturday, April 28, 2012

Small world moments

We can't believe how fast 
time is flying by...

It's almost May!
The countdown timer
is calling to me..
Are we going to be
ready when it's time to go?

The things that we wanted
to accomplish have all 
been done. 
It's a waiting game for
the buyout of the property.
If the flood hadn't come
and taken everything
but the structure,
we now would be 
biting our nails
waiting for a buyer.
The powers that be 
are still telling us late fall..
or early winter.
We don't want to stay
another winter!!

Last night was my every 6 week haircut.
I still go down to my old
stomping grounds of Hazleton
to my favorite hair salon.

When I'm down there, I take
the opportunity to have dinner
with my friend Karen.
We went to Applebees, 
and I was good..
grilled chicken spinach salad..
and only one bloody mary :-)

Her friend, Jack, happened 
to be in the area, and knew we
would be there.
He stopped by and sat
with us.

He owns an RV park north of
the Sacramento area of CA:
It was great to talk to him
about his park..
and a bit about workkamping
as well. Maybe someday
we can stay there!

Today was a manicure/pedicure..

and our round of grocery shopping.
We took a nice walk
around the neighborhood.

George is now taking a nap..
and I'm getting sleepy myself!

Next weekend we are flying
to Houston to visit 
George's brother, Bill,
and his wife Connie.
We are looking forward
to a nice week-long vacation.

Of course we'll look around 
for some RV parks too!


  1. We hope you won't have to stay in PA for another winter too! Fingers crossed that the buyout occurs well before then!

  2. Sounds like a very nice day today! Your vacation is coming so quickly!!

    I also hope you don't have to stay in PA for another winter. :( From the timing you're describing, we could be both be hitting the road around the same time. :)

  3. Get that buyout and head south...the clan will welcome you with open arms;o)))

    Enjoy your vacation!!!

  4. We're playing the waiting game here. Another Open House tomorrow. We are SO ready to move on to the next step. At least the camper is in the driveway and we are getting it organized. Hope we're both someplace warm this winter :)

  5. I hope for once the government moves quickly on the buyout. Don't want you seeing any more white stuff up close and personal!

  6. Waiting for the buyout and waiting for the buyer both sound anxiety producing. A nice vacation seems just the right thing.

  7. We have friends who decided they were not spending another winter in NJ. They planned on moving by fall. Well they put house on market in March, it sold in less than a week. They left for FL on Thursday.

    Sometimes things just really happen fast!

  8. We know from the flood in Cedar Rapids that the government moves very slowly on all those things. Hope they get it done for you before winter. I am envious of your pedicure,that is one of my favorite things to do. I am hoping I can talk John and the boys into letting me get one for Mother's Day. Have fun on vacation!