Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Easter bunny here!

What a glorious day!

We started today by attending
Easter services at my home church.
It was packed, which was great!

After we got back home, 
we proceeded to make a 
lunch of artichokes and a small spinach salad.

I wanted to spend this afternoon
making some lunch fixings
to take to work.

We made a white bean salad,
quinoa with avocado,
and walnut pesto chicken.

I can grab these easier to take
to work to eat.
For some reason as we made
each dish I forgot to take pictures.

Week one was successful..
I lost 7 pounds!

It was beautiful outside,
so we took the bedroom TV
and hooked it up in the basement..

I wanted to watch the Masters, 
so George took out my 
recliner for me.

I got some sun..

George putzed a bit..

...watched the Masters..

..and dozed off..

Doesn't everyone doze off watching golf?

Even though Phil Mickelson didn't win..
Bubba did...and it was a great ending!


  1. I don't need golf to doze off, at least George had an excuse! ;c)

  2. That food sounds great. That is a big weight loss for one week. WOW!

  3. a very big weight loss for one way to go...the meals sound great

  4. Congratulations - seven pounds is a lot! You are probably already feeling better. I see a new wardrobe in your future. :)

  5. Wow, seven pounds! First weeks usually are either very very good (like yours) or disappointing. I'm glad you did so well. Remember, after a few weeks two pounds a week will be good.

  6. Wow -- seven pounds in one week is amazing! Congratulations!!

  7. I need to take a page from your book. Len and I both talked yesterday about how we've put on those pounds. Congrats on your loss.

    Was it easy taking the TV from the bedroom to the basement? Our Montana allows the same but we had put a small flatscreen in our previous rig's bedroom. We kept it and installed it in the basement. Don't use it as much as we thought we would.

    1. It was pretty easy taking the TV outside. Just had to unscrew the cable connection, unhook it, and plug it in outside where they have the connection there. It was hard to see in the sun, however, even with the awning down. I can't imagine we'll do it very often.

  8. John actually reads and watches golf at the same time. I think it is the only sport you can do that with and not miss much (same with sleeping).