Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Checking more things off the list

We are still awaiting news
of the FEMA buyout of 
our flooded property.
Actually, it's partially FEMA
funds, and partially PEMA
funds (PA Emergency Management Agency).
It's still looking like
 late fall - early winter when 
all will be said & done.

Tonight, we paid some bills..
and sent in the final payment
on the truck!

One debt down..
one to go!

We are going to put the
extra money saved
towards the RV payment..
paying it down faster.
Meantime, we picked up a
few more things..
trekking pole

 ..and George is happy with
his Pressure-Pro system.
This week George can start
the process of filing for Social Security.
In 3 months he will be 62.
In July we'll go to the nearest
US National Park -
Steamtown National Historic Site,
to get our lifetime pass.
Things are getting crossed off the list!


  1. So far, except for Pinnacles, I have not found any National Parks that have RV sites big enough for the 36' Alfa. Not even 35'ers! But the pass does get you into the parks either for free or 1/2 price.

  2. Keep up the good work on the list. Time will pass so quickly;o))

  3. You guys will be so totally prepared by the time you actually retire Laurie. Way to go!!

  4. Your organizational skills make mine look silly. :cO

  5. OMG!!! You MUST be an accountant. I am proud of you both.


  6. Gotta love the Pressure Pro. Saved our butts more than once.

    Doesn't it feel good to have a PAID FOR truck. Will even feel better to have a PAID FOR Fiver.

  7. The pass gets you in for free once you have it. John turns 60 this month and I am looking forward to him reaching 62, it will definitely save us some $$$. We use our walking sticks a lot. Keep checking those things off and soon you will be out on the open road!

  8. The best truck/car I have ever owned was one that was paid off! I applied on-line for my SS around Mar 9. I received a letter from them yesterday indicating the amount I should expect and the date of the first check. I turn 62 in June, and will receive the July check in Aug. Good luck with your new diets.

  9. You guys are making huge headway!!
    You will love the Pressure Pro System. I would never have a rig without it. We don't own the trekking pole but I have been thinking about getting some. I think they are a great idea when hiking!!