Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blood Sugar Solution - one week down

Last week after years of yo-yo dieting,
I decided to try a more healthful
way of eating.
So I bought the 'Blood Sugar Solution'
book on my Kindle.
I took the time to read most of it..
skipping over some of the more outlandish no cell phones (bad for your health!),
no microwaves..I perish the thought!

Basically it's going back 
to eating all fresh foods,
nothing 'out of a box',
no sugar
no caffeine
no white anything
no alcohol.

So, determined to give it a go..
if only for 6 weeks..
to see if I could get
through it.

It actually hasn't been 
all that bad..
in fact, I like it!

We've had some interesting meals.

Chicken lentil stew with Quinoa & Kale
 Our next adventure was with Tofu.
I've had tofu before, in Chinese food,
but not as a main meal.
It was pretty good!

Tofu stir fry with snow peas
 Tonight was the best..
I made polenta, and we topped it with
shrimp, tomatoes, onions, and spinach.

Mediterranean shrimp with polenta

So far so good.
I missed my morning coffee
for a few days, but I haven't
craved any sugar..
even chocolate Easter bunnies :-)

Happy Easter to all!

He is risen...
He is risen indeed!



  1. Congratulations on your diet change. We made a radical change too after reading The China Study and seeing Forks Over Knives. Ours is more strict in some ways (no meat) and less in others (some alcohol allowed). Your food looks GREAT. Sure hope you get the benefits from it that I have. I feel better, have more energy and have lost about 12 pounds! Anxious to hear how it goes for you.

  2. I'll be interested to see how it goes for you- hope you keep us up to date. A healthy change is always a good thing.

    He is Risen!!

  3. I don't know if I could get past the no morning coffee. It is kind of our morning ritual-coffee and computers!
    I could go with the recipes you are fixing. Maybe you could post the recipes some time. I admire your strength.

  4. I too admire you it takes alot of will power to not eat the 'easy' stuff..good luck

  5. and happy easter to you and George

  6. Good for you! It really is easier to eat healthier foods than we have been lead to believe. I enjoy the challenge! I don't avoid all "in the box" foods. Some are OK and if you become a staunch label reader you will be OK. For me the biggest challenge was giving up wine, but I'v done it. Yes, post a recipe or two as you learn and enjoy.

  7. Those dishes look good! And hats off to you for the ability to resist those chocolate bunnies! With the aisles and aisles of Easter candy right now, that's not easy to do.

  8. Good luck with your diet (healthy eating). I need to do that myself and then add some exercise!!
    He is risen indeed!! Have a Happy Easter!!

  9. I think you look thinner already! Blessed Easter


  10. Good job on the new way of eating. That is a constant work in progress with us. We have definitely gone to a more whole food way of eating and have less processed foods but from past experience I've learned you can only change the things you want to change permanently and I know we will have a beer or a glass of wine most days so we just work that into the scheme of things.
    Happy Easter!

  11. Congratulations!! You have made a wonderful start to a more healthy life. It really is all about being healthy. Without good health, you cannot do all the things you want to do. So stick with it and reap the rewards!!!