Saturday, April 21, 2012

Being healthy is expensive!

Busy couple of days!

Friday, George spent some time
going up above and
cleaning the roof, the awnings,
and the windows.

He was good enough to 
stop and take pictures 
once in awhile, since
I was at work :-)

Today was grocery day.
Saturday morning we usually
go through our cupboards,
writing a list of what
is running low.
We also go through some
recipes and come up with
meals for the week.

This is what $200 buys:

Now I have to put them all away!

Today was a beautiful sunny day.
George took his chainsaw out
and proceeded to cut down
some stray limbs that had
been torn loose by the flood.

I walked around seeing all
the wildflowers (and weeds!)
that are growing nearby.

The clouds started rolling in...

We headed in...
and George cut up a pineapple!

Nothing like fresh pineapple!

Now we're relaxing,
it's pouring down rain outside, 
with some nice thunderstorms.

Time to watch a movie!


  1. I just lost a long comment trying to go back and correct spelling on the ipad. grrrr!

    Idon't think $200 per week is expensive for two people if it is going to improve the quality of your life! Just eating at home instead of a restaraunt once a week can balance the budget!

    Iwas going to write about the high glycemic index of pineapple, but instead suggest to Google "Fruits reccomended for diabetics" and "glycemic load.

    The sugars in fruits are not all equal.

    Have a wonderful Spring week.

  2. I guess George may have stopped working for a living but he sure isn't "retired". He's making the energizer bunny look bad! :c)

  3. What a great day, you guys got a lot done, and then relaxed with a movie and fresh pineapple. And the rain came. Sounds good to me.

  4. Ummm...fresh pineapple, so good. Hope you are enjoying your movie and relaxing to the sound of rain on the roof.

  5. Love the count down to full time on your blog! How fun! I can't wait to see where this leads!

  6. The price of healthy foods is nothing as compared to the price of being sick;o(( Healthy, not processed REAL food is the cheapest medicine there is:o))) Remember, you are what you eat REALLY!!!! Glad to see you are sticky with your healthy way of eating:o))

  7. That pineapple looks delish! :) Glad that your meal planning is still going well. It's hard to keep on top of that when you're going to work every day. We have cut out the majority of the processed, already prepared type foods, but it's a challenge to keep it up over the long haul.

  8. Sounds like a lovely day. But if you think being healthy is expensive, try being sick.

  9. It does seem to cost a little more to buy fresh produce but I think its worth it. I even try to buy some things organic when I can get it, especially spinach and kale. We are trying to get the sodium in our diet down for my hubby and that means making almost everything from scratch now. In the long run it may actually cost us less, I can only hope, until then the groceries area big expense for us.