Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another weekend down

I know others have commented..
but time sure flies by!
I hope that once we are 
on the road, and I am
fully retired..
it will go much s l o w e r.

Saturday was a typical day..
laundry needed to get done..
George had things he wanted
to do in the yard.

I went for my every two week
pedicure. I think I remember
saying that I am budgeting 
for these even after retirement!

Of course, since it is now
sandal season..

For some reason, I can't 
get George to come with me!

Once I got home,
I found George busy
doing some things outside.

Being a nice day,
I grabbed the recliner,
a bottle of water,
and some nuts
for a snack.
Oh, by the way,
I'm still going strong
on my new way of eating.
I lost only 1 pound this
week, but my blood
pressure is back
to normal!

My fine feathered (and furry)
friends were going at
their eating too.

We were invited with
a co-worker to
watch our local
Penguins play hockey last night.
They are a minor league
team for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
The team is pretty good,
and ends up in Calder Cup playoffs
every season.
My co-worker Chris
brought his daughter Baylee..

..I made a new friend :-)

Today was just cleaning,
shopping for produce, and
other groceries..
and making good food
for next week's meals.

Tonight it's
Curry Coconut Chicken & Vegetables.


Oh, I almost forgot!
George signed up for SS
on Saturday..
another step down!


  1. Yum, that chicken dish looks pretty good. You are doing so awesome! :) I'm not following any special program, but have been working to cut down on sugar and salt. So far, going well - I've lost a few pounds. My blood pressure is down to normal too, and my doctor took me off the medicine on a trial basis. I'll be weighing myself tomorrow, and will find out how things are going then.

  2. Nice looking toes and a pair of cute friends. Tell George congrats on SS, sure hope the powers that be don't ruin it for everyone.

  3. Slowing down in retirement? Seems like we're busier than we've ever been. Used to be work, eat, sleep. Now we need an appointment calender to keep track of where we're supposed to be and when... :c0

  4. Keep up the good work, your health will love you for it!!!

    Congrats to George!!! Be sure to get his National Parks Senior Passport. It will save you a ton of money on camping at COE, National Forests and National Parks:o))

  5. I don't think life has gotten any slower since I retired! I must say it is easier to put things off though.

  6. What did you decide to have for lunches? My BP has always been very low so that wasn't a factor for me. Have a good week!

  7. Wow -- 136 days isn't that far away!! You'll be out here in no time!

    Congrats on your continued success with your diet!

  8. slow down the days?? They seem to go faster my dear...we are on our way home and it seems like we just left 6 days ago versus 4 mos ago...congrats on the diet...supper looks great..