Sunday, April 29, 2012

More of me gone!

On April 1st I decided it
was time to try and get
a bit of weight off..
by eating healthier.

As of today, I am 10# lighter, 
and have lost 2" off my waist!

We are cooking more healthy,
non-processed foods.
Today's cooking jaunt included:

blueberry muffins

quinoa crusted quiche
I put both of them in the freezer,
to have for breakfast in the future.

We also cooked this:

chicken vegetable soup with rice

That's for dinner tonight!

For lunch we made a great salad,
with mixed greens, almonds,
kidney beans, and blueberries.

We are enjoying these new meals!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Small world moments

We can't believe how fast 
time is flying by...

It's almost May!
The countdown timer
is calling to me..
Are we going to be
ready when it's time to go?

The things that we wanted
to accomplish have all 
been done. 
It's a waiting game for
the buyout of the property.
If the flood hadn't come
and taken everything
but the structure,
we now would be 
biting our nails
waiting for a buyer.
The powers that be 
are still telling us late fall..
or early winter.
We don't want to stay
another winter!!

Last night was my every 6 week haircut.
I still go down to my old
stomping grounds of Hazleton
to my favorite hair salon.

When I'm down there, I take
the opportunity to have dinner
with my friend Karen.
We went to Applebees, 
and I was good..
grilled chicken spinach salad..
and only one bloody mary :-)

Her friend, Jack, happened 
to be in the area, and knew we
would be there.
He stopped by and sat
with us.

He owns an RV park north of
the Sacramento area of CA:
It was great to talk to him
about his park..
and a bit about workkamping
as well. Maybe someday
we can stay there!

Today was a manicure/pedicure..

and our round of grocery shopping.
We took a nice walk
around the neighborhood.

George is now taking a nap..
and I'm getting sleepy myself!

Next weekend we are flying
to Houston to visit 
George's brother, Bill,
and his wife Connie.
We are looking forward
to a nice week-long vacation.

Of course we'll look around 
for some RV parks too!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainy day...then snow?

Say it isn't snow!!!

We've had one lazy day.
We spent most of the day
watching movies,
and the rain outside.

We rented 3 movies..George picked
'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy'.
I had a hard time following it.
Good thing we watched that 
last night..I was on the computer
for the most part.

Today we watched
'Horrible Bosses',
and 'Iron Lady'.
I loved that one.
Meryl Streep was fabulous!

Sunday morning is my 'weigh in' day..
I lost another pound!
My total loss is 9# now..
not giving up yet :-)

Yesterday I baked some
blueberry muffins too:

They were fabulous!
Easy to make, healthy too!
Almond flour, eggs, cinnamon,
baking powder, honey,
and frozen blueberries.

We also were visited by
a few more birds:

Tomorrow is back to the grind
for me...more rain...
and in the western part of the state..
and lots of it!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Being healthy is expensive!

Busy couple of days!

Friday, George spent some time
going up above and
cleaning the roof, the awnings,
and the windows.

He was good enough to 
stop and take pictures 
once in awhile, since
I was at work :-)

Today was grocery day.
Saturday morning we usually
go through our cupboards,
writing a list of what
is running low.
We also go through some
recipes and come up with
meals for the week.

This is what $200 buys:

Now I have to put them all away!

Today was a beautiful sunny day.
George took his chainsaw out
and proceeded to cut down
some stray limbs that had
been torn loose by the flood.

I walked around seeing all
the wildflowers (and weeds!)
that are growing nearby.

The clouds started rolling in...

We headed in...
and George cut up a pineapple!

Nothing like fresh pineapple!

Now we're relaxing,
it's pouring down rain outside, 
with some nice thunderstorms.

Time to watch a movie!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another weekend down

I know others have commented..
but time sure flies by!
I hope that once we are 
on the road, and I am
fully retired..
it will go much s l o w e r.

Saturday was a typical day..
laundry needed to get done..
George had things he wanted
to do in the yard.

I went for my every two week
pedicure. I think I remember
saying that I am budgeting 
for these even after retirement!

Of course, since it is now
sandal season..

For some reason, I can't 
get George to come with me!

Once I got home,
I found George busy
doing some things outside.

Being a nice day,
I grabbed the recliner,
a bottle of water,
and some nuts
for a snack.
Oh, by the way,
I'm still going strong
on my new way of eating.
I lost only 1 pound this
week, but my blood
pressure is back
to normal!

My fine feathered (and furry)
friends were going at
their eating too.

We were invited with
a co-worker to
watch our local
Penguins play hockey last night.
They are a minor league
team for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
The team is pretty good,
and ends up in Calder Cup playoffs
every season.
My co-worker Chris
brought his daughter Baylee..

..I made a new friend :-)

Today was just cleaning,
shopping for produce, and
other groceries..
and making good food
for next week's meals.

Tonight it's
Curry Coconut Chicken & Vegetables.


Oh, I almost forgot!
George signed up for SS
on Saturday..
another step down!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Checking more things off the list

We are still awaiting news
of the FEMA buyout of 
our flooded property.
Actually, it's partially FEMA
funds, and partially PEMA
funds (PA Emergency Management Agency).
It's still looking like
 late fall - early winter when 
all will be said & done.

Tonight, we paid some bills..
and sent in the final payment
on the truck!

One debt down..
one to go!

We are going to put the
extra money saved
towards the RV payment..
paying it down faster.
Meantime, we picked up a
few more things..
trekking pole

 ..and George is happy with
his Pressure-Pro system.
This week George can start
the process of filing for Social Security.
In 3 months he will be 62.
In July we'll go to the nearest
US National Park -
Steamtown National Historic Site,
to get our lifetime pass.
Things are getting crossed off the list!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Easter bunny here!

What a glorious day!

We started today by attending
Easter services at my home church.
It was packed, which was great!

After we got back home, 
we proceeded to make a 
lunch of artichokes and a small spinach salad.

I wanted to spend this afternoon
making some lunch fixings
to take to work.

We made a white bean salad,
quinoa with avocado,
and walnut pesto chicken.

I can grab these easier to take
to work to eat.
For some reason as we made
each dish I forgot to take pictures.

Week one was successful..
I lost 7 pounds!

It was beautiful outside,
so we took the bedroom TV
and hooked it up in the basement..

I wanted to watch the Masters, 
so George took out my 
recliner for me.

I got some sun..

George putzed a bit..

...watched the Masters..

..and dozed off..

Doesn't everyone doze off watching golf?

Even though Phil Mickelson didn't win..
Bubba did...and it was a great ending!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blood Sugar Solution - one week down

Last week after years of yo-yo dieting,
I decided to try a more healthful
way of eating.
So I bought the 'Blood Sugar Solution'
book on my Kindle.
I took the time to read most of it..
skipping over some of the more outlandish no cell phones (bad for your health!),
no microwaves..I perish the thought!

Basically it's going back 
to eating all fresh foods,
nothing 'out of a box',
no sugar
no caffeine
no white anything
no alcohol.

So, determined to give it a go..
if only for 6 weeks..
to see if I could get
through it.

It actually hasn't been 
all that bad..
in fact, I like it!

We've had some interesting meals.

Chicken lentil stew with Quinoa & Kale
 Our next adventure was with Tofu.
I've had tofu before, in Chinese food,
but not as a main meal.
It was pretty good!

Tofu stir fry with snow peas
 Tonight was the best..
I made polenta, and we topped it with
shrimp, tomatoes, onions, and spinach.

Mediterranean shrimp with polenta

So far so good.
I missed my morning coffee
for a few days, but I haven't
craved any sugar..
even chocolate Easter bunnies :-)

Happy Easter to all!

He is risen...
He is risen indeed!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

This and that..

Another quiet weekend.

Started off on Friday night
going out for Greek!

We headed for a great place-
It's a terrific little Greek restaurant
in an old popcorn factory.

The tables are made from the
old popcorn carts. 
We started out with an
appetizer of spinach pie.

George had a Dolmades platter..
which was grape leaves with
spinach & ground beef.

I had Chicken Saganakey..
Grilled chicken with red wine sauce,
 feta cheese, onions, peppers and fresh tomatoes!

We were too stuffed for dessert :)

This will be our last meal 
at a restaurant for awhile.

I've been reading the 
'Blood Sugar Solution'
by Dr. Mark Hyman,
and have decided that
I need to get healthier
before we hit the road.

So..yesterday we bought
lots of fresh veggies, fruit
and non-processed food.
We started this morning
on our way to a healthier lifestyle.

Merikay has been posting how
they have made changes to their
eating habits, and it has inspired me.

I hope that we can stick to it.
It's hard to do, especially when
working full time. Last thing I want
to do is cook when I get home.
I need a personal chef!!

Soon enough I won't 
need to worry about the work thing.

Our time is getting closer!

Another feathered friend
has been dropping by:

That blue is gorgeous!