Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring forward!

Wow, spring has sprung
in the northeast!

What a beautiful day it was.

We decided it was time to 
dust off the bikes (literally!).
They still had mud on them
from the flood.

We put them in the truck, 
then drove across the bridge
to the dike that is directly
across from our property.

We pedaled 4 miles,
against a headwind..
it was tough,
we're outta shape!

It was warm though, and it
felt good to get outside.

George took the binoculars
to spy ;-)
Actually, he was watching
the planes take off 
from the Wyoming Valley airport.

We need to get out there 
more and get some of 
that fresh air & sunshine.
Not to mention exercise :-)

When we got back,
the sun was still warm,
so I had George get out
one of our new zero-gravity recliners.

It was really nice to sit and soak up the sun..
..and listen to the wind chimes..

and talk about our plans..

It's getting closer!


  1. What a fun day! Looks like you guys have the full-timing "tude" all figured out already!

  2. Isn't this weather absolutely fantastic!?? I have to remind myself it's still March. I am looking forward to getting out on my bike. Looks like you guys had a fun ride. :)

  3. The weather was great here in WI too. We went hiking at a state park and there were some campers. Can't wait till we can get out there.

  4. Been a really warm winter for sure. Hope that doesn't mean a hotter and dryer summer than usual. Glad to see you made the best of a good day.

  5. I getting to like all this Global Warming. It seems to be working in our favor. :c)

  6. What a wonderful day! Soon all your days will be like that!

  7. You two look like a couple of experts at the RVing thing. It want be long!

  8. Glad you got a nice spring day. Lately it has been warmer up north than here in New Mexico but the warmth is returning Yea!!!!!

  9. another fantastic day for you both....pretty soon all the days will be the same :)

  10. I am so excited that your time is getting short! Can't wait to catch up with you both again.