Saturday, March 24, 2012

Moving right along..

Just another weekend..
one weekend closer
to getting going with our plans.
Friday when I got home from work..
I found that George had made 
us a little patio outside Harvey.

We had a nice time sitting
out in the warmth of the sun.
It was another good vantage point
for watching our birds..

Daddy Cardinal

I took my camera and
walked out behind the RV,
into the property that was
under water in September.

Still lots of stuff from
the flood in the tree lines..

Still, flowers grow..

This afternoon we decided to
go through our winter clothes,
and purge some of them
for Salvation Army.
The rest we put in space bags
under the bed,
and got out our cooler clothes.

Of course, that being done..
the temperatures are going
to be more seasonal..

Soon it will be warm all the time!


  1. Nice to see you practicing using your new loungers. You look like fulltimers to us!!

  2. Nice patio! But where are the vases of Bloody Marys? :-)

  3. We had 80's a couple of days ago. It was nice to have shorts on. It's suppose to be in the 50-low 60s. Can't wait for summer.

  4. You look great in the patio! You just can't get in enough practice sitting in those lounge chairs. :c)

  5. What does this make? Five months to fulltime?

  6. Nice chairs. Be careful when you tip back it means an automatic nap!! :-)

  7. Kicking back and relaxing.....very nice!

    Mary and I are looking for the fold up rockers so we can fit them in the basement storage.