Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another lazy weekend

You know...
it was a pretty quiet weekend..

Friday night we went out
to 'de-stress'
at Olive Garden..
had a nice meal,
and a nice libation..

Saturday was laundry day,
and a bit of quiet time for me.

We rented three movies:

Dolphin Tale (cute, but predictable)
The Whistleblower (not my type of movie, but was good!)
The Bridesmaids (I liked it more than I thought I would)

It was horribly windy all
day yesterday..
we kept checking the slide toppers,
but they did fine.

The river is still behaving.

Today we visited our home church,
then went for groceries.

While we were relaxing, 
watching the flurries outside..
we had a couple visitors :-)

 They both had fun petting the 'kitty'..

Too cute!


  1. Did your little ladies want to know where they will sleep when they come to visit you?

  2. Glad the river is behaving itself. But FLURRIES? Oh well, just think "where will we be next year this time?"

  3. You must have awesome temps coming in the next few days - because we have 50s and even one 60 in sight!!! :)

  4. Hi Laurie and George. I love Olive Garden and watching movies! And it doesn't help to get a little flurry outside once in a while either! Take care you two. Enjoy those little ones.

  5. We really liked the Bridesmaids. It turned out to be a lot funnier than we thought it would be.