Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lunch with friends

A day to relax,
go to Worship,
and relax some more.
George has a nasty cold..
so I left him behind to doze.
I drove the 35 minutes south, 
to the church I belong to.
We never could find one we liked
up in Wilkes-Barre,
so I do the drive most every Sunday.
It is always nice to see everyone,
and sing in the choir..
even without rehearsing!
Today, I had the pleasure of going
out to lunch with some
of my choir buddies.
They all are terrific ladies!
With Easter coming, 
I stayed behind to rehearse the Easter anthems.
My favorite time of year :-)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Moving right along..

Just another weekend..
one weekend closer
to getting going with our plans.
Friday when I got home from work..
I found that George had made 
us a little patio outside Harvey.

We had a nice time sitting
out in the warmth of the sun.
It was another good vantage point
for watching our birds..

Daddy Cardinal

I took my camera and
walked out behind the RV,
into the property that was
under water in September.

Still lots of stuff from
the flood in the tree lines..

Still, flowers grow..

This afternoon we decided to
go through our winter clothes,
and purge some of them
for Salvation Army.
The rest we put in space bags
under the bed,
and got out our cooler clothes.

Of course, that being done..
the temperatures are going
to be more seasonal..

Soon it will be warm all the time!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our fine feathered friends

Another beautiful Saturday!

We lazed around a bit,
then decided to go
wash my car at
the local do it yourself car wash.
It looked nice afterwards.

We treated ourselves to
lunch at Andy's diner.

They recently reopened after the flood,
the inside looks great!
I didn't take my camera,
so unfortunately, no pictures!

We grocery shopped
afterwards, then came
home and got the 
chairs out and sat in the sun.

We hung a new bird feeder..

..for our feathered friends.

The cardinal is so skittish..
it's hard to get a decent picture of him.

We are learning different birds..
mostly sparrows in our backyard.

Looking forward to see other
species of birds in 
different parts of the country!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring forward!

Wow, spring has sprung
in the northeast!

What a beautiful day it was.

We decided it was time to 
dust off the bikes (literally!).
They still had mud on them
from the flood.

We put them in the truck, 
then drove across the bridge
to the dike that is directly
across from our property.

We pedaled 4 miles,
against a headwind..
it was tough,
we're outta shape!

It was warm though, and it
felt good to get outside.

George took the binoculars
to spy ;-)
Actually, he was watching
the planes take off 
from the Wyoming Valley airport.

We need to get out there 
more and get some of 
that fresh air & sunshine.
Not to mention exercise :-)

When we got back,
the sun was still warm,
so I had George get out
one of our new zero-gravity recliners.

It was really nice to sit and soak up the sun..
..and listen to the wind chimes..

and talk about our plans..

It's getting closer!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another lazy weekend

You know...
it was a pretty quiet weekend..

Friday night we went out
to 'de-stress'
at Olive Garden..
had a nice meal,
and a nice libation..

Saturday was laundry day,
and a bit of quiet time for me.

We rented three movies:

Dolphin Tale (cute, but predictable)
The Whistleblower (not my type of movie, but was good!)
The Bridesmaids (I liked it more than I thought I would)

It was horribly windy all
day yesterday..
we kept checking the slide toppers,
but they did fine.

The river is still behaving.

Today we visited our home church,
then went for groceries.

While we were relaxing, 
watching the flurries outside..
we had a couple visitors :-)

 They both had fun petting the 'kitty'..

Too cute!