Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's your sleep number?

Well the next item off our list is 
now officially installed.

We ordered a Sleep Number bed
to replace the mattress that
came standard in Harvey.

Old mattress
I could tell from sleeping
on it for 5 months that
it will never last..
and it's very soft..
not good for people with
so-so backs!

The new bed came in two

We took the old mattress off..

..and started the task of
following directions,
and getting it set up.

It wasn't that difficult to
set up, but working in that
small space made it tricky!

The finishing touches..

It was nice to sleep on a firm
bed last night!

So far..
my number is 90..
George's is 75.

Good thing we have our own sides!


  1. Love our Sleep Number. Being able to change the number makes it nice for those overactive days!

  2. We have one too only without the numbers. Hubby was penny pinching and there is one that you can vary the firmness but doesn't have the digital number display. We just change it whenerver needed (it is still from the sleep number people). It is much better than the mattress that came with the rig. Happy sleeping!

  3. Hope you enjoy that bed, after what they cost you'd think you had just bought a pile of gold. ;c)

    We have one in our Journey, it came with the rig when we bought it new. And we HATE it, it's the most uncomfortable bed we've ever had. Hope you have better luck with yours. To each their own. ;c)

    PS: Make sure to let air out before you go over high mountain roads.

  4. When we bought the Montana, we asked they remove the mattress that came with it. We had a better mattress that we bought for our Cedar Creek and it was less than 3 months ago. Now only three years later, this mattress is not holding up as we would have expected.

    We've talked about a Sleep number when we replace. Will wait and see for a while as to how you and others feel about it.

  5. If Harry and I liked different kinds of mattresses, we would probably invest in a sleep number bed. Since we both have the same taste, we bought a 4 inch memory foam mattress topper, and we both find it so comfy!! :)

  6. I love our memory foam toppers. Have them at home and in the rig. Good thing there are lots of choices out there.

  7. I like the mattress that came with Winnona. It's nice and firm but sleep number beds and memory foam toppers have been discussed in at least 3 of the blogs I read recently and I'm thinking about a topper now although I don't think I really need it. Ah the power of suggestion. Glad you love your purchase, spending that kind of money and hating it would be not fun.l

  8. One of the little pleasures of life - A GOOD NiGHT'S SLEEP!!

  9. I worry a little about the expensive mattress we bought for the Alfa. I really get hot sleeping on it. We were warned about the memory foam, and that is why we went with a laytex, but it is still hot. We paid over $1000 so replacing it is not an option. I bought a "cooling" mattress pad and it seems to help a lot.

  10. we moved our 'good' mattress from our previous mh to this one when we purchased it in June. Its an ordinary residential mattress..and we have a 4" memory foam on top..we also have a 4" memory foam on our bed back love love it...I dont' find it hot at all..ours came from costco and has a nice cover on it...

  11. Nice work! And, talk about immediate gratification for all that effort!!

    We love the Sleep Number mattress that came with our Tour. We did make one modification, though. We replaced the egg crate foam that sat between the air "chambers" and the mattress top with a 2-inch memory foam topper. It fit in the space perfectly, and made the mattress oh so comfy.

    Our numbers? He's 45 and I'm 40. So, the whole "different sides" thing isn't really much of a benefit for us. But, it's a great mattress. We hope you enjoy many nights of wonderful sleep!

  12. Saw your comment about switching sofa and chairs. We were lucky. A lot of the sofas in same model as ours are too wide. We even like our style more than most others. BTW, thanks for the under fridge idea.