Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quiet weekend, but more shopping!

Our Saturday was nice and relaxing.
Started out with George going for propane,
and taking my car for its annual checkup.
I stayed behind and cleaned.
We found the best cleaner for
our Corian countertops at Lowe's:

It shines them up nicely!

The rest of the day was spent
sitting and reading our Kindles,
and only turning on the TV to
watch the AT&T golf tournament.

Today, after church, we stopped
by to see George's daughter Heather.
She had a bunion removed on Friday,
and we wanted to see how she was doing.

After visiting for a bit, we 
headed off to the mall area.
I have been wanting to find a
new pair of hiking shoes.
I had a pair of Merrell light hikers,
and needed a new pair.
Thankfully, Dick's sporting goods
sells them,
and had the exact pair I
was looking for:

We then scooted over to
the LaZboy store.
We are not happy with the
recliners that came with Harvey.
They feel like they are
made from cardboard.
The arms move when we
push on them,
and they are not all that comfy.

Since LaZboy is having a great sale..
we bought two new ones:

They are rocker/recliners same as we
have, but much better looking & more comfortable.
They will definitely outlast Harvey :-)
We'll pick them up on Saturday.
The existing recliners are going on Craigslist.

Other than that, it's definitely February
weather today. Flurries, and freezing temps.
Spring is just around the corner though!


  1. I had a small wing chair looking lazy boy that I just loved. Should have put it in Winnona. Maybe next time they have a sale I'll check it out if finances permit. You'll love them.

  2. you will love the new lazy boy chairs I'm sure...our chairs in our last fiver were also cardboard feeling...but we didn't end up keeping it long enough to replace them..have a super week

  3. A relaxing day sounds very nice, but I don't see too many in our near future! LOL We did the same thing with our chairs, sold them and replaced it with one. I usually sit on the couch anyway, and it gave us a place for the cat tree.

  4. Don't you just love Craig's List! What a simple way to eliminate things. And better earnings than a garage sale.

  5. Nice looking chairs. We haven't even picked up our rig yet and we know we will replacing the chair;o)) Need to check out Lazyboy!!

  6. Hey I just came back to take a look at that countdown - you're under 200 now, woohoo!!! :)