Saturday, February 18, 2012

New recliners ... and vases?

George surprised me on Valentine's Day with
a nice bouquet of flowers..
unfortunately we lost all our
vases in the flood.
So I improvised with the best thing
I could find..
my Mr. Coffee iced tea pitcher ;-)

Today we had some errands to run.

We picked up our new
LaZboy recliners..

they are soooo comfortable!
We also made sure they clear the slides.

My mother thinks they will
be great for taking long naps!

We also stopped by
Michael's craft store.
I love that place ;-)

I picked up a few garden 
flags..they are perfect 
for decorating the 
outside of the RV.

We found a perfect flag 
for those 'in-between' times..

'O' for Owen 

While we were there, 
I decided to pick up
an inexpensive vase
for the times we have flowers..

but George saw it at the store..
and said..
'oh! perfect for bloody marys!'

So we bought two.
Guess who got the bigger one!?

I guess I have to wait until the flowers die.



  1. Those chairs DO look comfy! We are looking at remodeling with new furniture too... but cant seem to settle on anything.

  2. Those recliners look great! You're getting this retirement stuff down pat.

  3. Nice recliners and in blue, my favorite color!! Wish we were closer, we have several vases in our sell or donate pile of stuff. They'd be yours for the taking!!

  4. You will be so glad you got those wall huggers. The ones that came with the Montana were fine but we had to pull them half way into the area to recline.

    You two are having just TOO much fun.

  5. Have to agree with Phyllis that you are having an awful lot of fun for folks who aren't even retired yet. :-)

  6. It's so much fun to get things before you hit the road. We just ordered the Rand Manally 7710 gps. Our chairs have to be pulled out far also. Might have to check out the wall huggers.

  7. George is so resourceful. When space is an issue, it's good to have things that can serve dual purposes -- like vases/bloody mary glasses. ;-)

  8. Seeing those recliners, makes me want to take a nap. Enjoy.

  9. Awesome - love your new tabs!! And you've even filled them up already! :))

  10. Nice recliners, and have George add celery the the Bloody Mary's. That way he can say he is still using them as a vase!