Thursday, February 9, 2012

More new things & a couple mods

Well, we're crossing more
things off our list..

Our DirectTV dish came,
is sitting in its box.
We're waiting to find 
someone to install it..
that knows RV installation.
It may be a couple 
of months before that happens.

We have our GPS
all set up, and
we wish we could take
a trip and try it out!

Our patio mat came,
and a bag to fit it in.
It is all tucked away
in the basement 
until better weather 
to put it outside.

On the advice of
we ordered an
inside/outside thermometer..

It is from the Weather Channel..
and contrary to what it's not 59 degrees outside..
more like 30. It hasn't 
calibrated quite yet :-)

Still awaiting delivery
of our outdoor recliners.

Sunday afternoon,
George decided to
snoop around some
of the unused spaces..
he took the panel off
the area under the 
refrigerator to see
what was behind it.

Lo & behold, there was
nothing but space under there!
So...he put two hinges,
a handle,
and voila!..

..a place to store pots & pans.

Next he looked at the steps
leading up to the hall/bedroom..

There is nothing under them, either.
George using his handyman skills,
put clips on the vented covers..
and now we store the
central vac tools in the one space,
and our (ugh) winter boots in
the other space. 
Cool :-)


  1. Boy you guys are moving right along. Hope your outdoor mat lasts longer than ours did. It started falling apart during year.

  2. wow how kewl is that..keep on snooping look at all the wasted space your finding...good job....we've had our outdoor mat for the last 5 yrs and its still in great shape...

  3. Quite clever! Every little place is valuable in an RV! But don't put to many heavy things in them.

  4. The extra space is great. You've inspired me to look around our 5th wheel for unused space.

  5. I wish we had more empty space in our MH. The only empty space left is between my ears...

  6. Way to go George! Every little bit of space helps!

  7. Great use of some found space!! Clever fixes, George!

    You've inspired us to take a good look around when the new rigs come;o))

  8. Looking good! I'm watching that countdown of yours, it's about to leave the 200s... :))

  9. Hey! Thanks! I just showed Len the pics of the panel under the fridge. He has a new project. Love it.

    Not too sure about the areas under the steps. We've had problems twice with our converter and that is where they get to it.

  10. Way to go George! I haven't thought about doing that. I will have to look around. The steps look promising.

  11. He is one handy guy! Great uses of unused space, he should send those ideas to your RV manufacturerer.

  12. I've been thinking of different ways to store things, we'll have to look for some hidden areas. Once the snow melts and the rv is out of storage. (I miss it sitting in our backyard)

  13. I say "George is the "Space Miester".