Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lunch with the grandkids

Now that George's granddaughters
are getting older,
they feel more comfortable
spending time with us, 
away from their parents.

So today was a perfect day
to pick them up,
and take them out for lunch.

We decided Friendly's would
be a kid-friendly place.

They were as good as gold!




Poppy had chocolate on his face!

 Of course, Poppy George had to take
them to Toys R Us for a special prize!

All that eating & shopping wore them out!

I know George will be missing them.
We will keep in touch with Skype
and lots of phone calls!


  1. They are beautiful! :) Looks like a fun day was had by all. We know the feeling - we will be using Skype to keep in touch with Schaun as well.

  2. They are precious:o))

    Wonderful way to spend the day!!

  3. they are adorable....sure looks like a great day for yall...we use skype to keep in touch with our Hannah....

  4. I look forward to those days but I do hope my son gets married fist though. I am sure it was a fun time for them also.

  5. That last photo is precious, all tuckered out. :)

  6. So precious. Enjoy every moment while you can.

  7. Spoiling them from the get go, that's what grandparents get to do. You sure wore them out though.

  8. OMG - they are just adorable! You must have had such fun with them. And I'll bet they had a great time, and gifts to bring home to remember the day. :)

  9. The two girls are adorable and seem to be well behaved.


  10. Eating and shopping tires me out too! Yea, George will miss them plenty. That is always the hardest part, leaving our granddaughters back in MD. I was weepy for days before and days after we left in Jan. I still get that way on occasion.

  11. Love your "countdown clock 'til fulltime." We started in June 2010 and are lovin' it!