Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little ride..

After we got home from 
church & grocery shopping,
we decided to take a ride.
We wanted to try out our new
Rand McNally 7710 GPS.

Although we took the car out,
we got a feeling how it would 
work while driving the truck.

George didn't like the fact
that it tells you when you've gone
5 mph over the speed limit.
I did! At least it's not me
telling him to slow down :-)

We took the drive out
to Harvey's Lake..
it was beautiful today..
the geese were happy floating about.

We stopped and got a pizza 
at Grotto's..

We then headed home,
and took naps.
I love lazy Sundays..
tomorrow is a holiday,
and my spa day!
Shall be nice!!


  1. a great Sunday for sure...and you just gotta love a spa day!! Have a great one :)

  2. Spa day??? What a waste of a holiday, you sould go to a museum! ;c)

  3. Ah Holidays, I remember those things. When you used to have an extra day off from work to try to do all the fun things you never had time to do because you were working. Well enjoy them because very soon all your days will be holidays!!

  4. Psssst, George....That feature on the GPS can be turned off :)
    Have fun at the spa!

  5. I'd like to have that feature on my GPS, but I'd like it to be 10 miles over the speed limit. I'd turn it off if the only option was 5 miles. Even I sometimes go over the speed limit if I'm in a car. Not in the motor home, though. :)

  6. I think yu will have to take Harvey to his lake some day.


    1. Lol...I don't think anyone RV's around campgrounds in sight!

  7. Our GPS is made into the truck. I wonder if it has that over the speed limit feature. If so, it would be constantly beeping while Len is driving. Talk about a heavy foot!

  8. He'll probably learn to slow down once he's pulling the rig, plus no need to go fast when you don't need to be in a rush to get there. I love this lifestyle.