Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lunch with the grandkids

Now that George's granddaughters
are getting older,
they feel more comfortable
spending time with us, 
away from their parents.

So today was a perfect day
to pick them up,
and take them out for lunch.

We decided Friendly's would
be a kid-friendly place.

They were as good as gold!




Poppy had chocolate on his face!

 Of course, Poppy George had to take
them to Toys R Us for a special prize!

All that eating & shopping wore them out!

I know George will be missing them.
We will keep in touch with Skype
and lots of phone calls!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's your sleep number?

Well the next item off our list is 
now officially installed.

We ordered a Sleep Number bed
to replace the mattress that
came standard in Harvey.

Old mattress
I could tell from sleeping
on it for 5 months that
it will never last..
and it's very soft..
not good for people with
so-so backs!

The new bed came in two

We took the old mattress off..

..and started the task of
following directions,
and getting it set up.

It wasn't that difficult to
set up, but working in that
small space made it tricky!

The finishing touches..

It was nice to sleep on a firm
bed last night!

So far..
my number is 90..
George's is 75.

Good thing we have our own sides!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little ride..

After we got home from 
church & grocery shopping,
we decided to take a ride.
We wanted to try out our new
Rand McNally 7710 GPS.

Although we took the car out,
we got a feeling how it would 
work while driving the truck.

George didn't like the fact
that it tells you when you've gone
5 mph over the speed limit.
I did! At least it's not me
telling him to slow down :-)

We took the drive out
to Harvey's Lake..
it was beautiful today..
the geese were happy floating about.

We stopped and got a pizza 
at Grotto's..

We then headed home,
and took naps.
I love lazy Sundays..
tomorrow is a holiday,
and my spa day!
Shall be nice!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

New recliners ... and vases?

George surprised me on Valentine's Day with
a nice bouquet of flowers..
unfortunately we lost all our
vases in the flood.
So I improvised with the best thing
I could find..
my Mr. Coffee iced tea pitcher ;-)

Today we had some errands to run.

We picked up our new
LaZboy recliners..

they are soooo comfortable!
We also made sure they clear the slides.

My mother thinks they will
be great for taking long naps!

We also stopped by
Michael's craft store.
I love that place ;-)

I picked up a few garden 
flags..they are perfect 
for decorating the 
outside of the RV.

We found a perfect flag 
for those 'in-between' times..

'O' for Owen 

While we were there, 
I decided to pick up
an inexpensive vase
for the times we have flowers..

but George saw it at the store..
and said..
'oh! perfect for bloody marys!'

So we bought two.
Guess who got the bigger one!?

I guess I have to wait until the flowers die.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quiet weekend, but more shopping!

Our Saturday was nice and relaxing.
Started out with George going for propane,
and taking my car for its annual checkup.
I stayed behind and cleaned.
We found the best cleaner for
our Corian countertops at Lowe's:

It shines them up nicely!

The rest of the day was spent
sitting and reading our Kindles,
and only turning on the TV to
watch the AT&T golf tournament.

Today, after church, we stopped
by to see George's daughter Heather.
She had a bunion removed on Friday,
and we wanted to see how she was doing.

After visiting for a bit, we 
headed off to the mall area.
I have been wanting to find a
new pair of hiking shoes.
I had a pair of Merrell light hikers,
and needed a new pair.
Thankfully, Dick's sporting goods
sells them,
and had the exact pair I
was looking for:

We then scooted over to
the LaZboy store.
We are not happy with the
recliners that came with Harvey.
They feel like they are
made from cardboard.
The arms move when we
push on them,
and they are not all that comfy.

Since LaZboy is having a great sale..
we bought two new ones:

They are rocker/recliners same as we
have, but much better looking & more comfortable.
They will definitely outlast Harvey :-)
We'll pick them up on Saturday.
The existing recliners are going on Craigslist.

Other than that, it's definitely February
weather today. Flurries, and freezing temps.
Spring is just around the corner though!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

More new things & a couple mods

Well, we're crossing more
things off our list..

Our DirectTV dish came,
is sitting in its box.
We're waiting to find 
someone to install it..
that knows RV installation.
It may be a couple 
of months before that happens.

We have our GPS
all set up, and
we wish we could take
a trip and try it out!

Our patio mat came,
and a bag to fit it in.
It is all tucked away
in the basement 
until better weather 
to put it outside.

On the advice of
we ordered an
inside/outside thermometer..

It is from the Weather Channel..
and contrary to what it's not 59 degrees outside..
more like 30. It hasn't 
calibrated quite yet :-)

Still awaiting delivery
of our outdoor recliners.

Sunday afternoon,
George decided to
snoop around some
of the unused spaces..
he took the panel off
the area under the 
refrigerator to see
what was behind it.

Lo & behold, there was
nothing but space under there!
So...he put two hinges,
a handle,
and voila!..

..a place to store pots & pans.

Next he looked at the steps
leading up to the hall/bedroom..

There is nothing under them, either.
George using his handyman skills,
put clips on the vented covers..
and now we store the
central vac tools in the one space,
and our (ugh) winter boots in
the other space. 
Cool :-)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crossing things off the list

We have made a list 
of things that we want
to outfit the RV (Harvey)
with before we go full-time.

I posted this a few weeks back..
and apparently my Mom
read the post..
because on Wednesday,
UPS delivered a box
with the GPS that
we wanted..
a Rand McNally 5510!

It was a very nice surprise :-)

Today it was time for a
haircut, so I got that out of the way,
and then met my girlfriend, Karen,
for lunch afterwards.
It is always nice to get
together with her!

George did his running around
this morning..getting propane.
I went for a pedicure before I
came home.

We ordered a few things
off of Camping World..

an RV mat & bag..

and the..
Winegard TRAV'LER DIRECTV Slimline Ka/Ku 
Multi-Satellite TV Antenna

We need to get DirectTV yet,
but our RV dealer will install it
at some point.

We are still going to order
a couple of anti-gravity recliners..
and we are looking at replacing
our mattress with a sleep number bed.
George and I took a ride up
to the Sleep Number store
to see how they felt..they are great :-)

 Things are coming together!