Sunday, January 15, 2012

They lied!

Ok, so a couple things..
George said the propane tanks
are not 35#, but 30#.
The tank that he was going to get
was 100#, not 90#.

Oh, and the temperature
last night got down to 9,
not 12.

Even our little squirrel buddy
was cold:

He was covering his head
yesterday from the constant
flurries in the air.

Last night as we watched
the football games,
we talked about our

  • complete buyout of flooded property
  • pay off truck & RV loans
  • sign George up for SS (7/14 will be 62!)
  • turn in resignation at Laurie's job
  • secure health insurance, or sign up for COBRA
  • put up our resume & find workkamp job within first 3 months
  • change residency to South Dakota
  • sell Laurie's car
  • purge more items out of RV (don't need work clothes!)
  • buy Pressure Pro system & GPS (Rand Mcnally truckers)
  • check out tires on truck & change if needed
  • buy a satellite TV system 
  • get physicals & final checkups
  • get Harvey weighed
  • get senior park pass
not necessarily in that order!!
We've already done the following:
  • joined Passport America
  • joined Good Sam club
  • opened ING checking account
  • signed up for roadside assistance with Good Sam
  • signed up for an RV fuel card with Flying J/Pilot
I'm sure there are other things for both lists.
It has been a 3 year process, lots of research,
prayer, and searching.

We are getting excited to explore the country,
and see family & friends.


  1. I think I'm as excited to watch you guys hitting the road and getting started on the journey as I am for ourselves!! The time is going by SO fast!

  2. Brings back memories!! You guys are about to begin an awesome journey!! :-)

  3. I hope you can head south and into some warmer weather very soon!

  4. Always good to get that check list down. Makes it feel real. :)

  5. Should also consider joining Escapees. Their parks are quite nice and very reasonable to members. Although we wish they had more in eastern 1/2 of the country. Also, make sure you think about getting a surge protector. Would not want to be without one.

  6. Phyllis...Escapees is on our list as well. We did have a surge protector hard wired in when we bought the Montana.

  7. Looks like a good list. You'll learn more of what you want and need once you are on the road. You don't need everything to pull out of the driveway. :-)

  8. Speaking of surge protectors, you can have one hard-wired or get a portable "box" like we have. Let me tell you, it does work and worth the expense. That and the generator are at least two of the items I insisted on that have turned out to be rig/life savers.

  9. I can't believe it's happening for you guys! I feel your excitement and hope to see you in a park with us before long!

  10. See you again out on the road. I'm out of here, end of the month.

  11. Good job with making lists and checking them twice! Being organized is a good thing!!