Friday, December 9, 2011

A little snow...

It  poured buckets all day Wednesday,
then changed to snow.
It's the second snow of the 
season...the first one was
the day we were supposed to come
back from the we missed it :-)
We only got 2",
so we can deal with that for now.
It melted as it was sunny and 40 degrees yesterday.
Weekend is slated to be sunny & 45..that's nice!

Now, for those of you that
asked to see the baby pictures...

Laurie 18 months old

George 6 months

Cutie pies!


  1. Those photos are adorable! I see why they all picked George out. His smile is still the same. No snow here yet but there were a few flurries the other night. I have my fingers crossed that we can get south before any of the white stuff arrives,

  2. We had snow predicted for Wednesday but it missed us. Hoo Ray. Sorry it got you but 2" that melts quickly is actually OK by me. I'd rather skip the too cold to snow temperatures that we had. I too am crossing my fingers I can get south before any of it actually comes. Heading out before the new year.

  3. Awwww! Those pictures are the cutest!! And those hairdos are back in style again now. :-)

  4. Cuties! Fun game. Snow, not for me, I'm heading south as soon as I can.

  5. aww love the pictures....George looks the same lol...the smile is the same for sure...we have no snow yet but supp to get some this weekend...we did have a storm a couple of weeks back but thats all gone now..but it was a dilly we had the plow in a couple of times...have a great weekend

  6. I love those photos. I miss my little girl! And my big girl, too.


  7. Cute! I think everyone has one of those photos with the hair curled up in the middle. Your church party in the last post sounds like fun. So nice when it's at a restaurant and no one has to do a lot of work.