Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

the weather is starting
to get a bit chilly,
at least there is frost 
in the morning.
Not that I'm looking
forward to the cold weather
mind you!

Today we had
plans to meet up with
Neil & Nancy Savage,
who we met at the
Tennessee RV-Dreams rally.

We decided to meet at the
Cracker Barrel in Frackville,
which was about half way
for both of us.

We met for a late breakfast,
and chatted for a couple hours!

We enjoy talking to them, 
they are hoping to go
full time soon.

We stopped to do some
Christmas shopping 
on the way home.
Crowds are getting crazy as usual.
Normally I buy most 
everything online,
but my boys want gift cards,
so that makes it easier.

A couple of nights ago,
I sat down and got my
Christmas letter all ready 
to go, and mail out.
We also put up a small
Christmas tree,
and I found a couple of
my ornaments & decorations
that weren't ruined in the flood.

We even hung our stockings!

We are now ready to 
celebrate the season!


  1. Hi Laurie and George,
    How festive!
    I was going to decorate for Christmas this weekend, but will wait until I take it into the dealer to install the solar on the roof. It was supposed be done yesterday, but some parts didn't come in, it is postponed until the 12th.

  2. Now I have that song running through my head!! Your place looks very festive! :) I love our living area in the house with our downsized decorations. Looks just as "Christmasy" and was so much easier to put out. :)

  3. It's always nice to meet up with RV Dreamers.

    Your home looks so cozy and Christmasy. Beautiful!

  4. Everything looks very nice and Christmasy!! Cozy!!

  5. Love those stockings "hung by the chimney with care". :-) And the great view out your Christmasy window. Very nice all around.

  6. Your place looks nice. We have what we are putting up done. The small tree looks nice, too.


  7. What a warm and cozy home you have for Christmas. It just looks snuggly ;o))

  8. Nice fireplace! Wish we had one in our Journey. But maybe it's good we don't 'cause all I ever get in my stocking is coal...

  9. The stockings definitely make it look like a cozy Christmas!