Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bowling with friends

This has been a busy weekend!

Yesterday was the task of 
cleaning 'RV'..
you know, the vacuuming, 
dusting, cleaning the kitchen & bathroom..
takes all of 20 minutes, TOPS.
Love it!
Then it was off for groceries,
a pedicure for me..
and some relaxing time.

We had a date with our
good friends,
Alex & Nicki to
go out to eat.
We ended up at
TGIF's for appetizers
and a few drinks.

The night was still young, 
so we decided to go 
George and I haven't
bowled since one
of our first dates..
so we were up for
the challenge.

George and Alex
had fun making
fun of our form..

We bowled 3 games,
and had a great time,
especially this game:

since I beat George!

Most of these pictures were
taken either on my cell phone,
or Nicki's..I never
think to take my good camera
for these outings.

We had a great time,
and left with smiles
on our faces..

Today was spent 
at church, then I 
went Christmas caroling
with the church choir,
to sing to the 
shut-ins at the nursing homes.
That is always very rewarding,
to see the smiles on their faces,
when they remember some of
the old carols.

We're looking forward
to some more activities
as the weeks close in
on Christmas!


  1. Congrats on only 264 days to full timing! Love to watch your count down clock.

    You don't want to go bowling with me. I once bowled and ENTIRE game of gutter balls.....sadly true. :-(

  2. That is so nice that you went singing at the nursing home. Marti says it really means lots to the residents, she was so happy to have groups come in to her facility.

    It sure helps the resident's quality of life that people care so much to do things like that for them.

  3. Been a few years since we've bowled. I do enjoy it. Once I was on two leagues, but those days are long past.

    Members of our church when caroling at two nursing homes last Sunday. We completely forgot. Glad to hear you do the same. (I mean caroling, not forgetting)

  4. we used to sing at the homes a lot and the residents seemed to love it..looks like you folks had a great have a great week..

  5. Hi George and Laurie, I love your small pictures on your blog. You know something. After over two years in the Jazz, 20 minutes of cleaning it seems like too much. I guess everything is relative and we do get spoiled! Stay safe and cozy...

  6. I LOVE to go bowling. . . although I'm not very good at it.

    Christmas caroling to shut-ins really is rewarding. That's so nice of you.

  7. you're so right about cleaning in the RV. it's always the best in the RV because it goes so fast! I love it! great to see you two having fun and spreading holiday cheer, too. Am looking forward to meeting up someday in PA!