Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jammie day

I really like New Year's Eve day.
There is absolutely nothing that
needs to be done.
I have 3 days off,
so fully intended to do 
nothing today..
which I did!

This morning for some reason,
the birds were in the bushes
out back of Harvey
 (Harvey the RV..cute, huh?).
I took my camera out, 
and perched myself on the recliners
and watched out the window.

I got a picture of a

According to my new book
Stokes Field Guide to the Birds 
of North America..
this one is a Hairy Woodpecker.

There were some cardinals too, 
but they are hard to get..
they don't sit still!

I did get a Jay..

He was pretty too!

The rest of the day was
spent reading..
both magazines, and
things on my Kindle.

Tonight will be spent
having a few munchies,
and hopefully watching the
ball drop at midnight.

We'll see ;-)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

This and that..

Been a quiet week after 

I've spent time reading
out of my new Kindle Fire..

George is always looking
at the RV parts catalog :-)

We saw an ad in Trailer Life
for products from 
We decided to order
the sample kit (free with shipping paid!)
So tonight we tried the first
packet..Tortilla Soup..

 Just boil 4 1/2 cups of water, and
whisk the packet in..
 and enjoy!
 It doesn't look too bad, does it?
 It was surprisingly pretty good..

Our fur-kid Oreo slept 
peacefully..(that's all he (she?) does!)..

Oh! Our friends Alex & Nicki
bought us a gnome
to guide our travels.
I had been looking for one
such as the Travelocity gnome..
but this one is even better..
he's an Eagle's fan :-)

Hope our travels next year
are better than
the Eagles had this year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

We hope everyone had a
blessed Christmas this year!

Ours was quiet.
Since Friday I was off
from work,
George set up the Wii
for us (or me!) to play.

I played one of my favorite games,
Wario's smooth moves..

Gotta love all those Mario games :)

Later in the evening, Heather
came over to spend some time with us.

We exchanged gifts,
she got us an Olive Garden
gift card, George a Dunkin D
gift card, and me gift certificate
to my favorite nail place!

I made us some appetizers,
and George was the best bartender :)

Saturday, Christmas eve,
I got up and baked some cookies.

Now, these are the pre-made dough..
I don't have a mixer in the RV.
They work just fine!

Christmas eve evening, George
and I went out for our traditional
chinese food..
then off to my church
for Christmas eve services.
Singing Silent Night by
candlelight always moves me.

Christmas morning was quiet as well.
Since I sing in my church's choir when I
get the chance,
we headed off for early services.
On the way home,
we stopped off at
George's son Chris's house, 
to see the granddaughters,
Jaelyn, and Jillian.

Poppy George helped
put together the presents..

Once we got home,
we had those cookies to ice!

At last..oh yeah,
there are presents to open!

George got a nifty wrench,

 I got a bird book I've been wanting..

and what every RVr needs..
a cute lil fur-kid..
well, not 'real'..but almost!

Just getting to the last gift to open..
my Mom and Dad called to wish us 
Merry Christmas..
and I was opening the best gift!
A Kindle Fire!

Learning how to operate it..

It was a great Christmas,
and now we have more things
for the road.
Including a cute lil not so real
fur kid :-)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I didn't blog last weekend,
as not much was going on.
We had a nice 'jammie' weekend..
not really getting out of our jammies :-)

We started out on Saturday
having gingerbread pancakes.

We did do some grocery shopping,
(not in our jammies, but would have)..
and bought some munchies to have
during the Christmas weekend.

George also shored up the
styrofoam barricades that were
up around the RV.

I pruned the two rose
bushes that survived the flood..

I have 4 days off for the holiday.
Our friends are coming over 
tomorrow night,
for our first entertaining 'event' 
in the RV.

Only 3 more days until

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bowling with friends

This has been a busy weekend!

Yesterday was the task of 
cleaning 'RV'..
you know, the vacuuming, 
dusting, cleaning the kitchen & bathroom..
takes all of 20 minutes, TOPS.
Love it!
Then it was off for groceries,
a pedicure for me..
and some relaxing time.

We had a date with our
good friends,
Alex & Nicki to
go out to eat.
We ended up at
TGIF's for appetizers
and a few drinks.

The night was still young, 
so we decided to go 
George and I haven't
bowled since one
of our first dates..
so we were up for
the challenge.

George and Alex
had fun making
fun of our form..

We bowled 3 games,
and had a great time,
especially this game:

since I beat George!

Most of these pictures were
taken either on my cell phone,
or Nicki's..I never
think to take my good camera
for these outings.

We had a great time,
and left with smiles
on our faces..

Today was spent 
at church, then I 
went Christmas caroling
with the church choir,
to sing to the 
shut-ins at the nursing homes.
That is always very rewarding,
to see the smiles on their faces,
when they remember some of
the old carols.

We're looking forward
to some more activities
as the weeks close in
on Christmas!

Friday, December 9, 2011

A little snow...

It  poured buckets all day Wednesday,
then changed to snow.
It's the second snow of the 
season...the first one was
the day we were supposed to come
back from the we missed it :-)
We only got 2",
so we can deal with that for now.
It melted as it was sunny and 40 degrees yesterday.
Weekend is slated to be sunny & 45..that's nice!

Now, for those of you that
asked to see the baby pictures...

Laurie 18 months old

George 6 months

Cutie pies!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas fun!

Our church,
has an annual Christmas dinner.
We usually have it at
a restaurant, that has 
wonderful food.

This year was no different.
The committee that organized it,
had everyone that wanted to
turn in a baby picture, 
and then we had to match it
to the adult that was attending.

A lot of wrong guesses on mine,
but George's was picked out
right away!

We played some games,
one involving reindeer antlers

I think George should have
worn the antlers!!

They also talked me into
getting up and singing
with two others,
the Christmas song,
a la Alvin & the chipmunks..

That was hilarious!

We had a great time, with
good food, and good friends!