Friday, November 25, 2011


What nice weather!
We can't believe how perfect
this late fall weather
has been for us.

We are still in
Penn Yan, NY.
This morning we woke up
to a nice breakfast,
complete with homemade
english muffins, 
poached pears,
and a blueberry & walnut
Dutch baby.

We headed north to
Churchville, NY
which is up by Rochester.
Our service dealer is
at a Camping World 
up there.
We met the guy who 
will be servicing some of 
the issues that we have
when we took delivery of our 

Once we were through there, 
we headed east to the
town of Skaneateles, NY.
It's one of the smaller finger lakes.

This time of year they have 
a Dicken's Christmas festival.

There were people walking
around in costume..

and there was a sing-a-long
with different Christmas carols..

Everyone looked so 'Dickens'..
even though it didn't feel quite 
like Christmas yet.

There was part of the 
singing where we did hand
motions to
Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Of course, I was all involved!

Even Father Christmas was there!

We found a great place to eat at
the Sherwood Inn..

then walked it off by the lake to 
a nice sunset.

Tomorrow is wine tasting,
on the Keuka wine trail!


  1. What a neat festival!! Sure would get me in the Christmas spirit! Glad you all are having so much fun!! Great pictures today!! :-)

  2. My brother lives very near there - you can see Skaneateles Lake from his back window. It's a beautiful area! :) Glad that you guys are having such a great time!!

  3. You are the loveliest Partridge in a Pear Tree I've ever seen!

  4. That's such a beautiful area. The Dicken's christmas looks like a lot of fun. Hope they do it in December too. The day after Thanksgiving seems to early to me to be moving right into Christmas. Most folks are still raking leaves.

  5. We wanted to get to the Finger Lakes this past summer but time slipped away from us. There is always next year or the next or the next or ......

  6. It's nice that the weather is cooperating for you so that you can get out and enjoy yourselves. What a gorgeous shot of the sunset!

  7. That's the CampingWorld dealer that we went through to buy our Cougar last year. Although never set foot in the door, they delivered it to us in the Holiday Inn parking lot at Harrisburg PA...very strange I thought, but it was supposedly because we bought at the Hershey RV show. We also took the CW extended warranty, which is turning out to be pretty much useless. Good luck on your repairs. I've been told there's 2 kinds of rv'ers...those with problems and those that will have problems! The Finger Lakes are beautiful...if the weather holds try and see Watkins Glen if you've never been there before.