Sunday, November 6, 2011

Replacing things..

Thanks to many lovely people,
we received some nice gift cards
for wedding presents!

George and I have been
making a list as we think
of things, 
mostly kitchen gadgets
and utensils.

So, armed with several gift cards,
we took off for stores yesterday.

Kohl's had the winter boots
that I lost in the flood..

Maine Source (a restaurant supply store)
had wisks, spatulas, pancake turners,
bottle openers, cutting mats..

Then it was off to Target..
my favorite store!

We bought some new bath towels,
Airbake cookie sheets & 13 x 9" pan,

found some cool 'pinch' bowls..
I use these a lot for food prep..
also got a wire caddy for 
all my new utensils!

As we were shopping, 
our tummies were growling..
so we decided to go to 
Olive Garden.
We also got gift cards to use there!

Since a car wash is right
next door..
we dropped my car off
for a nice wash and hand wax
while we ate lunch.

It was a fun day,
we bought the things that
we needed...
now we have one
of each item that we 
need, not 5 :-)
That flood really helped us out!

George ordered some items
from Camping World,
some nesting pots & pans,
and he also got a hitch cover.
We both got some nice gift cards from CW!

I think we're set for awhile!


  1. Always nice to have new 'stuff'....looks like you had a blast shopping...especially when you are loaded down with gift cards :)....gotta love it

  2. Isn't it a sense of relief to know you have what you NEED? and not all that other 'stuff'?? Enjoy getting ready for your journey to FT.

  3. I like the new picture on your header.

    That must have been a fun shopping day. I didn't know that CW carried a hitch cover. That is one of the things that I have been looking for. Thanks for that information.

  4. A shopping spree using gift cards. Now that's a nice wedding present!

  5. Wow gift card shopping what a great idea and SO much fun! Isn't it wonderful to spend someone else's money :-)

    Really love your new picture! You're under 300 days congratulations!!

  6. Glad you were able to get some items that you "needed." I have never seen the pinch pots....I think I will check those out.

  7. Sounds like a fun shopping trip. Target is my favorite store too!

  8. Love the new header and background photos on your blog!!

    So cool that you live in your full-time home while you count off the days. You will be ready to hit the road without the need to get rid of stuff.

    OH...that's right you had a little help with that ;o))

  9. You really did turn Lemons (flood damage) into Lemonade (great NEW stuff for the Fiver). Sure wish we were closer so we could get a in-person look.

  10. great new header shot!!..very nice! the 'pinch bowls'!..going to have to look for some of those!!

  11. Your friends and church people are very generous. God bless them all.


  12. Love gift cards! And love your new header!

  13. I have those same pots - I LOVE them. They all fit in one drawer under the oven, along with their handles and an extra smaller frying pan. Isn't it fun to get new things that you actually NEED? Sounds like you two had a fun day!