Monday, November 21, 2011

Convection oven rating

Since so many of you asked..
I will give my personal opinion
about my experience with
the convection oven.

Our Montana comes with 
a 3 burner propane range,
and oven.
Up above is a built-in
convection microwave.

It comes with a metal rack 
that stays in during convection cooking.
You take it out during regular
microwave use.

We've been using the microwave
feature all by itself, no problem..
for the most part. 
We found out it's only a 900 watt
microwave, so frozen dinners
need a bit more time than stated
in the instructions.
We use it to heat up tea, and
warm up other things. was time to use 
it to make something 
with the convection feature.
George has a meatloaf 
recipe he likes to cook..
so he mixed it up..
the recipe said to bake
it for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
not sure what time to 
put it in..
so I used the power of Google..
and looked up 
a similar meatloaf recipe,
and the time in a convection oven.
25 minutes!
We were impressed!
It came out perfect, 
not dry,
and in a quarter of the time!

While it was sitting..
we threw the potatoes
and they were microwaved
in 10 minutes.

You can use metal in the oven..
only in convection mode, not
combination convection/microwave.
That you have to save for plastic..
ovenproof things.

I think I'm going to
like this contraption!


  1. Thanks for the info...interesting. I have heard of these ovens but never used one. That's quite a time savings.

  2. Glad you like it so far. We use our convection oven all the time and haven't even tried the regular oven yet.

  3. Have your used your regular oven or could the convection oven actually replace the regular one??

    It seems most of the motorhomes we have looked at do not include a regular oven as standard equipment anymore.

    Glad you like it and nice time savings!!

  4. The few times we used the convection oven in the Phaeton we were pleased with the results, too. Good thing since we don't have a regular oven.

  5. We haven't cooked much in our convection, but have liked it when we do. I still prefer my Nu-wave over and use it most of the time. Our convection oven has two round metal racks and you can actually keep them in while using the micro-wave....that was a big surprise to me and one that I had a hard time doing at first!!

  6. our convection replaced the gas over thereby providing more storage drawers etc..glad to see you like it I love ours..everything cooks faster and stays moister (is that a word I wonder?) ...nothing like getting a handle on new contraptions from the start line..

  7. This is very good to know. Once our microwave kicks the bucket, IF it ever does, might seriously consider a convection. Thanks for the information.

  8. I still don't use mine like I should, not patient enough to figure it out.

  9. Thanks for the info about the oven. It's been a long time since I've had meatloaf but now I have a hankering for it.

  10. Kinda wish we had one. Using the regular oven is such a pain to light. Should we ever hit the lottery and get a new Fiver, will make that a priority. Well since one needs to buy lottery tickets to win and we seldom do, looks like that will not be a option.

  11. We have the microwave/convection oven too, but we added a small toaster oven. The toaster oven has a rotisserie feature we wanted.

    And we also have a toaster, a four slicer. Do you think we've gotten a little carried away?