Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Post-wedding things that you must do.

Oh yeah, we made it home on
Sunday, just fine.

The Montana was sitting
there waiting for us.
We missed her ;-)

So, since I'm all caught 
up at work..
I took the time
to do the things you
must do after you 
get married.

If you are a woman!

I went to  3 different banks..
to change my name on
the signature cards.

I went to the DMV
to get a new license..
with a new, better picture!

I filled out the paperwork
to change my name on the
car & truck registration.

Then...I ran out of time!

So tomorrow..
I have to go to the 
Social Security Administration..
to change that.

I've called the few
companies that I hold
credit cards with
to change my name with them.

You men have it soooo easy!


I like being
Mrs. Owen!



  1. I've been married so long I had forgotten about all those name changes. Glad you are getting it all taken care of!! :-)

  2. Congratulations to both of you. The pictures were great. Now you can settle in to the Montana and you will be ready in 304 days. Can't wait to see you on the road.

  3. That's actually kinda sweet. So glad you found each other.

  4. I know about all the hard work, but it is worth it. You have picked a winner and so has George


  5. I had forgotten all the things I had to change my name on too. I do remember, however, the first time someone called me Mrs. Young (just a few days after the wedding) I looked around for my mother-in-law. . . and then realized "Oh yeah, that's me."

  6. Nice to see this all work out for you two special people. So now, Mr. and Mrs. Owens, it is on to the next countdown... almost less than 300 day!!!

  7. I remember telling John that we were never going to split up because I was never going to change my name again, it was too much work. You are right guys have it easy ( and I like being Mrs. Dean too). Congratulations on your new name sounds like it is worth the work. :)

  8. Hopefully, you will get it all switched over, don't forget insurance policies too.

    I hope that we will meet again out on the road.

  9. What a lot of work! It's all worth it, though.

    Just think of all the work Kim Kardasian now has to do, change everything after the wedding and 72 days later, change it all back... ;c)

  10. Hey, your previous poster just gave me a chuckle.