Sunday, November 27, 2011

Keuka Lake wine trail

We finally are home, 
but we had such a 
good time yesterday.

We started the morning with
blueberry & cream cheese pancakes,
turkey bacon,
and home made english muffins..

We spent the day wine tasting
along the Keuka Lake
wine trail.
There are 8 wineries that we
visited to taste, and buy.

We started out at
Keuka Springs winery..
very good wine, 
and a fabulous view:

The weather was so nice,
we couldn't believe that we
didn't need a coat!

Next was Barrington Cellars..

The wine cat!
George looks very serious
about his tastings..

One of our favorite wineries,
Ravines cellars.

They have a tasting pairing
chocolate and wine.
The wine pourer is very

Of course the views of the lake
are terrific..
from every winery.

We had a great time,
and did a little Christmas shopping
as well.

We finished our day by
going to a great restaurant,
Ports Cafe.

Now we're home,
and it looks like winter
will be here soon enough.
George has ordered
another space heater for the RV!
I think we have more heat
per square foot than the
average house :-)

Friday, November 25, 2011


What nice weather!
We can't believe how perfect
this late fall weather
has been for us.

We are still in
Penn Yan, NY.
This morning we woke up
to a nice breakfast,
complete with homemade
english muffins, 
poached pears,
and a blueberry & walnut
Dutch baby.

We headed north to
Churchville, NY
which is up by Rochester.
Our service dealer is
at a Camping World 
up there.
We met the guy who 
will be servicing some of 
the issues that we have
when we took delivery of our 

Once we were through there, 
we headed east to the
town of Skaneateles, NY.
It's one of the smaller finger lakes.

This time of year they have 
a Dicken's Christmas festival.

There were people walking
around in costume..

and there was a sing-a-long
with different Christmas carols..

Everyone looked so 'Dickens'..
even though it didn't feel quite 
like Christmas yet.

There was part of the 
singing where we did hand
motions to
Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Of course, I was all involved!

Even Father Christmas was there!

We found a great place to eat at
the Sherwood Inn..

then walked it off by the lake to 
a nice sunset.

Tomorrow is wine tasting,
on the Keuka wine trail!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

George and I want to 
wish everyone
a very nice

As we prepare to
drive north to
Penn Yan, NY
to our favorite bed & breakfast..
to spend Thanksgiving,
(and a mini honeymoon!)..

we wanted to spend a 
minute to give our thanks..

each other, for we are each others
best friends ever.

to my parents,
for giving us the
nicest wedding!

to both my sons,
for making sure
that I know I'm loved.

to my new step-daughter,
for being a great friend..

to God..
for getting us through
a year filled
with flooding.

Things are turning out
just fine ;-)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Convection oven rating

Since so many of you asked..
I will give my personal opinion
about my experience with
the convection oven.

Our Montana comes with 
a 3 burner propane range,
and oven.
Up above is a built-in
convection microwave.

It comes with a metal rack 
that stays in during convection cooking.
You take it out during regular
microwave use.

We've been using the microwave
feature all by itself, no problem..
for the most part. 
We found out it's only a 900 watt
microwave, so frozen dinners
need a bit more time than stated
in the instructions.
We use it to heat up tea, and
warm up other things. was time to use 
it to make something 
with the convection feature.
George has a meatloaf 
recipe he likes to cook..
so he mixed it up..
the recipe said to bake
it for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
not sure what time to 
put it in..
so I used the power of Google..
and looked up 
a similar meatloaf recipe,
and the time in a convection oven.
25 minutes!
We were impressed!
It came out perfect, 
not dry,
and in a quarter of the time!

While it was sitting..
we threw the potatoes
and they were microwaved
in 10 minutes.

You can use metal in the oven..
only in convection mode, not
combination convection/microwave.
That you have to save for plastic..
ovenproof things.

I think I'm going to
like this contraption!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

What a beautiful weekend 
this has been.
The skies have been blue,
the temps have been mild.
Not at all like 
pre-Thanksgiving weather!

We are still enjoying
some shopping 
from some wedding
gift cards from
some of my customers.

Yesterday we went 
to Kohl's to 
replace a few flood-ravaged

Winter gloves for me..

Some long sleeve shirts for George..

A new hoodie for George,
and a couple new bowls 
for cooking.

Today, we went to church,
then stopped by George's Dad's gravesite,
as today would have been his
84th birthday.

We had a nice relaxing afternoon,
watching a movie, and
eating some snacks.
Then George made his famous meatloaf...

we're going to try out the
convection microwave.
Wish us luck!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Plans

This morning was a nice, relaxing one.
We sat at our kitchen table,
sipping our coffee,
from our Keurig coffee maker.

The sun was coming through
the window, and it was nice
and warm in the Montana,
as we discussed the upcoming holidays.

We typically like to plan
something for the 
Thanksgiving holiday, 
as I get 5 days off
during this time.

In the past we've gone 
to California,
but since we just came 
back from there..
that was out of the question.

since it's been awhile..
we've decided to go
to one of our favorite places..
We've gone there a few
times before..
it's on Keuka Lake,
in Penn Yan,
in the Finger Lake region
of New York.

They are having a special..
we get treated to
Glenora Wine Cellars,
and since we are staying
3 nights..
we get wine trail 
passports for wine tasting
on the Keuka lake wine trail.

We are looking forward to it!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Replacing things..

Thanks to many lovely people,
we received some nice gift cards
for wedding presents!

George and I have been
making a list as we think
of things, 
mostly kitchen gadgets
and utensils.

So, armed with several gift cards,
we took off for stores yesterday.

Kohl's had the winter boots
that I lost in the flood..

Maine Source (a restaurant supply store)
had wisks, spatulas, pancake turners,
bottle openers, cutting mats..

Then it was off to Target..
my favorite store!

We bought some new bath towels,
Airbake cookie sheets & 13 x 9" pan,

found some cool 'pinch' bowls..
I use these a lot for food prep..
also got a wire caddy for 
all my new utensils!

As we were shopping, 
our tummies were growling..
so we decided to go to 
Olive Garden.
We also got gift cards to use there!

Since a car wash is right
next door..
we dropped my car off
for a nice wash and hand wax
while we ate lunch.

It was a fun day,
we bought the things that
we needed...
now we have one
of each item that we 
need, not 5 :-)
That flood really helped us out!

George ordered some items
from Camping World,
some nesting pots & pans,
and he also got a hitch cover.
We both got some nice gift cards from CW!

I think we're set for awhile!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post-wedding things that you must do.

Oh yeah, we made it home on
Sunday, just fine.

The Montana was sitting
there waiting for us.
We missed her ;-)

So, since I'm all caught 
up at work..
I took the time
to do the things you
must do after you 
get married.

If you are a woman!

I went to  3 different banks..
to change my name on
the signature cards.

I went to the DMV
to get a new license..
with a new, better picture!

I filled out the paperwork
to change my name on the
car & truck registration.

Then...I ran out of time!

So tomorrow..
I have to go to the 
Social Security Administration..
to change that.

I've called the few
companies that I hold
credit cards with
to change my name with them.

You men have it soooo easy!


I like being
Mrs. Owen!